Borders Rail missing a trick on cycling


Alison Johnstone, Scottish Green MSP for Lothian and co-convener of Holyrood’s cross-party group on cycling, is adding her voice to concerns that the Borders Railway won’t meet cyclists’ needs.

Last summer Alison visited Midlothian to see for herself how cycle routes are expected to connect with the new rail line between Edinburgh and Tweedbank.

Today (17 Oct) it is reported that Transport Scotland have confirmed that cycle storage on trains using the new route will be the same as the rest of the network – just three bikes per carriage

Alison Johnstone, Scottish Green MSP for Lothian and a member of Holyrood’s economy committee, said:

“If the government’s transport agency are seriously suggesting that current cycle provision on the rail network is adequate it shows how out of touch with reality they are. There is growing demand for cycling and the government has targets to meet.

“We’re in danger of missing a trick if we fail to make it easy for commuters in Midlothian to get their bikes on board and if we fail to capitalise on the enormous potential to boost cycle tourism in the Borders. We need more than just parking at stations if we’re to fully realise the economic benefits of the new line.”

Alison’s blog about Borders Rail and Midlothian cycle routes: