Branch Executive Committee of PCS Union back Yes


The Executive Committee of the Cumbernauld Revenue & Customs Branch of the Public and Commercial Services Union has issued a statement backing a Yes vote in the forthcoming independence referendum.

Members of the branch received information through leaflets, the PCS Facebook Page, social media and via the local press.  Two separate meetings were held and the viewpoints of both Better Together and Yes Scotland on issues such as jobs, wages, privatisation, pensions and trades union rights in the workplace were taken into account.  The majority decision was that the Committee  believe that their members interests would best be served by a Yes result in the referendum.

A 2013 survey of PCS members revealed that more quality information was required on key issues in the referendum.  As part of their PCS Informs – you decide initiative 20 questions were sent to both campaigns.  The responses, which were revealed in a document sent to members, showed that 16 of Yes Scotland’s answers chimed with PCS policy while Better Together’s answers supported only one.

The Branch Executive Committee pointed out that they respect the right of individual PCS members to make their own decision as how they wish to vote and they are free to come to their own conclusion.  They added that regardless of the decision on the 18th of September they would continue to defend their members’ jobs, pay, pensions and working terms and conditions by whatever action is necessary now and in the future.