Business for Scotland Meeting


Business for Scotland are holding an event entitled ‘Prosperity in an Independent Scotland’ on Wednesday 20th November at 6.30pm in the National Piping Centre, Glasgow.

The event is aimed at business owners and key decision makers who wish to find out more about the economics of an Independent Scotland and also provides a good opportunity to network with other business people in a relaxed atmosphere.

It is hoped that it will provide an opportunity to learn about the benefits an independent Scotland would bring to the business community and a forum to discuss the key opportunities and challenges faced by businesses post the referendum vote in 2014. the organisers also hope to showcase the knowledge, expertise and services offered by The Business for Scotland group in one room over the course of an evening meeting.

The guest speaker for the evening will be Ivan McKee, the international businessman who won much praise for his recent article in the Herald newspaper entitled “The numbers do not add up for Darling and No campaign”.

Ivan will be joined by Ian MacDougall who is the managing director of McDougall Johnstone, a corporate finance and accounting firm offering ambitious businesses corporate finance, strategic growth, and accounting and taxation services.

Paul Fletcher, an award winning marketeer and senior management consultant whose previous positions include Director of Marketing (Europe) for the CIGNA Corporation of Philadelphia and Head of Strategy for Scottish Widows. With a parallel career in economic development he has worked in Downing Street advising the likes of Ian Lang & Peter Mandelson, as respective Secretaries of State for Trade & Industry, on aspects of Entrepreneurship planning where his work in this area has been highlighted by the UK Government and European Commission as ‘best practise’. In this context he also served on the Dti subcommittee on Business Growth & Survival under Barbara Roche.  At the University of Edinburgh Business School he linked the School with business at a CEO level, designing Management Learning for the likes of RBS, the World Health Organisation and the British Council.  Areas of specialism include Creating Innovation Cultures, Strategy and the use of Philosophy in the boardroom. Currently, he sits on the Government committee on Innovation in the Water Industry.

Ekaterina Zelenkova, a self-employed interpreter. She provides interpreting and translation services with Bulgarian, English, Polish and Russian languages. The accumulated professional experience in finances, research and online journalism make her believe that Scotland deserves and should be an independent country. The natural resources of Scotland, its unique culture, the proud history and the valuable human capital, proved over centuries on a worldwide scale need to be governed by Scottish people and for the Scottish well-being.

Michelle Roger, a former national newspaper journalist turned entrepreneur. She co-founded an award winning IT company in the 90s and since 2000 has been Top Cat at Tartan Cat, her communications consultancy where her key skills in strategic communications and social media mean she advises some of the country’s most dynamic entrepreneurial organisations. Michelle is also co-founder and Chief Communications Officer at Bloom VC (Venture Catalyst) Scotland’s first – and only – crowd funding platform. Established locally, Bloom is growing globally supporting businesses, social enterprises, community groups and fledgling entrepreneurs all over the world.

Business for Scotland is a self-supporting business co-operative and takes no money from any political parties. We have some members from all political parties in Scotland. Many have no political allegiance at all. However, we are strictly a business organisation, not a political organisation.
BfS was established to make sure that businesses across Scotland have access to the most relevant, accurate and up-to-date information about Independence and the effects it will have on Scotland, it’s people and the economy. Ultimately, BfS believes that those living in Scotland are best placed to devise policies and spend money on the priorities of the Scottish people.