Calls for Crown Estate to clean up area described by locals as a ‘dustbin’


A piece of land described as a ‘dustbin’ by locals has to be tidied up, a local MSP has insisted.

The foreshore at Gallanach near Oban is due to be sold by the Crown Estates, yet despite its prominent position and current state of disorder, the organisation is not making improvements to the area as part of any new sale.

Michael Russell, constituency MSP for Argyll and Bute, said: “It seems ridiculous to me that Crown Estates who own this land are not willing to make a tidy up as part of the agreement for any future owner.

“I understand the land may be sold as soon as Friday of this week, yet the foreshore may be sold with no condition attached to it.  Enforcement will be the only option to secure a tidy up.

“Locals describe the area as a dustbin – I don’t think this fits in with the current aspirations for the town.  The Crown Estates needs to recognise its duty to the wider community, the environment and act in a much more responsible manner.”