Calls for jobs summit as Cameron admits coalition plan not working


SNP Treasury Spokesperson, Stewart Hosie MP has called for a jobs summit to address the state of the UK economy after Tory PM David Cameron admitted the coalition’s plans were not creating the jobs expected.

Speaking on last night’s ITN News, the Prime Minister said that the UK Government’s plan to create jobs isn’t working, however Mr Cameron insisted that the UK Government he will persist with their approach.

Mr Hosie claimed that the UK Government should adopt the SNP’s ‘plan MacB’ and said:

“It has been clear for many months that the Coalition’s plan isn’t working.  With this admission, we must also see a change of course from the Coalition Government.

“The Scottish Government are currently using all the levers available to stimulate growth and boost jobs with ‘Plan MacB’ which is increasing infrastructure spending and switching resources from revenue to capital in order to deliver new schools, hospitals, houses, roads, water infrastructure, and improved availability of high speed broadband across Scotland.

“This plan is working. For the past 13 consecutive months, the employment rate in Scotland has been higher than that across the UK as a whole.  The UK Government must follow this example.

“The SNP is calling for a jobs summit, bringing together ministers from the devolved administrations and UK Government to devise a further package of measures which work in getting people back to work.”