Calls for more to be done to protect and develop Glasgow’s libraries


MSP for Glasgow Cathcart, James Dornan, has today called for a change of culture in Glasgow’s libraries.

On the day that The Scottish Parliament passes a bill on the National Library of Scotland, the MSP has stressed that Glasgow city council must change its approach to the city’s libraries, or face them dying out all together.

Speaking from Holyrood, Mr Dornan claimed that the city’s libraries had been side lined and that hardworking staff were being “let down by the lack of imagination and commitment” by the council.

Mr Dornan said:

“It’s important that our libraries are able to respond to the ever increasing demand of the general public for information, and is able to compete with the internet, smart-phones, e-books and iPad’s.

The MSP stressed that Libraries had a role to play in today’s world of iPad’s and eBooks and helping those without internet access get online.

He added:
“Our libraries need to adapt further to modern day lifestyles.  If there is one central community hub where people can get together, visit local groups, pay their bills, get online and get books, then our communities will be all the better for it.  This is a path that I would like to see Glasgow taking us further down.
“A place for families, old people, young people, those with disabilities, those from other countries and cultures; all coming together with a shared desire to learn, relax and get more information.  After all the only qualification required for entering a library is the desire to learn and get more information.”

The MSP called for more imagination from the council and a citywide debate on how best to preserve and develop the libraries, many which inhabit some of the most architecturally attractive and important buildings in Glasgow.