Cameron Lectern Gaffe – An apology to the Court of the Lord Lyon


In a recent article entitled ‘Exclusive – Cameron’s royal coat of arms lectern gaffe’ – Newsnet Scotland published a quote from Mr Bruce Gorie who is the Secretary to Lyon Office, Court of the Lord Lyon.

Whilst the quote was entirely accurate, it had been given in a private response to a query from a member of the public who is also a Newsnet Scotland reader.

The reader forwarded Newsnet Scotland the information, together with the quote which we, in good faith, used as the basis for our article.

We did not check with Mr Gorie before publishing his statement and would like to offer an apology for this breach of protocol.

The article also made reference to the coat of arms mistake, describing it as a “snub”.  We wish to make it clear that Mr Gorie acts in a politically neutral fashion and the interpretation of the mistake as a snub was entirely the view of our reporter.

We would like to apologise to Mr Gorie for any embarrassment this may have caused.