Cameron’s poll ratings crash even further in Scotland


By Dave Taylor

An analysis of a Sunday Times YouGov poll has piled more misery on David Cameron as his ratings plummet and his party’s “pensioner poll tax” is shown to be the most unpopular in Scotland.

While the small Scottish subsamples in a GB wide poll are of little use in assessing voting intention, they are useful in giving a picture of general attitudes.

The poll shows that, on the day of his address to the Scottish Tories in Troon, 72% of Scots think he is doing badly as Prime Minister, in contrast to 51% of people in England and Wales. His ratings had plummeted from last week when the figure was 67% of Scots and 47% for England and Wales.

This leaves the PM with a negative net rating of -48% in Scotland compared to only -8% for England and Wales.

While few rate Nick Clegg highly, he is even more unpopular in Scotland than Cameron with an approval rate of -61%.  77% of Scots consider that he is doing badly.  In England and Wales, his approval rating is -43%.

Scottish Labour can’t take much comfort from these figures.  Miliband is even less well thought of in Scotland than he is in England and Wales too, a hat-trick of Unionist unpopularity.  63% of Scots and 62% of those in England and Wales think he is doing badly, and less than a quarter of Scots think he is doing well.  A derisory 3% of Scots think he is doing very well.

The misery is compounded for Mr Cameron and his Lib Dem budget allies as the poll shows 77% of Scots say their pensioners’ tax grab was wrong, leaving a net rating of -63%.

Gordon MacDonald, SNP MSP for Edinburgh Pentlands, said:

“The Tories have rounded off a miserable weekend with these miserable poll ratings.

“David Cameron’s negative ratings in Scotland have plummeted even further in only a week and his Chancellor’s budget raid on pensioners has been condemned by the people of Scotland.

“The weekend started with Mr Cameron failing to deliver a positive case on the future of Scotland in his conference speech in Troon, which was swiftly followed by Lord Trimble’s tasteless, ill-informed and ill-advised comments about Scotland.

“We then had Ruth Davidson’s uninspiring and short first-time leader’s speech followed by revealations from a stalwart of the party saying he believes ‘the negative arguments of the current leadership will cause more Scots to support independence’.

“Sunday saw Tory Treasurer Peter Cruddas, who personally largely financed the party’s campaign against the alternative vote through a donation of £1.2 million, resign after he was filmed saying that a big enough donation could lead to high-level access to the Prime Minister.

“The Tories have had a devastating weekend, rounded off by these damning poll ratings.

“The message from the people of Scotland to Mr Cameron and his party – the days of the Tories telling Scotland what to do are over.”