Campsie socialists urge Swinson to vote against intervention in Syria


Campsie branch members of the Scottish Socialist Party Neil Scott and Angus Clark have delivered a letter on behalf of local socialists urging their MP Jo Swinson to vote against the military intervention in Syria that is being promoted by Tory Prime Minister David Cameron and his Foreign Secretary, William Hague.

Ms Swinson, Tory/Liberal Democrat coalition minister for Business, Innovation and Skills, was unavailable for comment, but her Assistant accepted the letter and said Ms Swinson would reply as soon as she could.

SSP member Angus Clark said, “In these austere times, and after the histrionics of Tony Blair that led Scottish soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocents to their deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, no-one but the hawks of the Tory Party seem to see the logic in going to war.  Hopefully Jo will see sense.”

Organiser Neil Scott said, “Jo should be aware that the war mongers in the Cabinet in which she sits are the very same people who urged the carving up of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan between their corporate friends. The people of those countries have suffered death and mayhem since these interventions.

“The Middle East has suffered greatly through imperialist corporate powers carving it up between profiteers since the end of World War One.
The will of the people of that region has never been taken into account – and the recent developments in Egypt where democracy has been smashed because those whom the Egyptian people had voted for were not US/Israel puppets, show that the UK and US only intervene when profits are either at stake or can be made.

“The danger this time though is that the imperialist powers, like before the two World Wars of the twentieth century, are lining up against each other to pull at the scraps of Syria in order to gain power and influence on the whole oil rich and strategically important region.”

The letter can be read at