Can, Should, Must – Yes Scotland campaign moves up a gear


  By a Newsnet reporter
Yes Scotland, the official campaign for Scottish independence is stepping up its campaign drive with a series of new initiatives.
Under the slogan, ‘Can, Should, Must’, the pro-independence group is urging its huge army of local activists to deliver a series of positive messages as we near six-months to the referendum itself.

In a special video featuring actress Elaine C. Smith, the artist has outlined three key messages to be rolled out by the Yes Scotland campaign in what she described as the “big push” ahead of September’s referendum.

  • Scotland, with all of its wealth, CAN afford to be independent. 
  • Scotland SHOULD be independent, so that the decisions that affect Scots can be taken by the people who care most about Scotland, the people who live here. 
  • Scotland MUST be independent, if we are to put an end to policies like the Bedroom Tax and nuclear weapons on the Clyde.{/youtube}

The video, released at the start of this week, coincides with a massive billboard campaign with inspirational messages designed to appeal to the undecided voter.  Also assisting activists will be new leaflets containing clear, positive and easily understood slogans.

The Yes Scotland message, directed towards the activists on the street, is a sign that the pro-independence campaign appreciate the strength of having positive face-to-face engagement with members of the public and an indication that they believe this – and not the media – is where the referendum can be won.