Capital MSP condemns ‘vile’ Defence League march


Edinburgh Central MSP Marco Biagi today said the extreme right-wing politics of hatred had no place in Scottish society as he condemned news that the Scottish Defence League are to march through Edinburgh after it was granted permission following an appeal to the Sheriff

Mr Biagi said:

“The extreme right-wing politics of hatred have no place in Scottish society and it is deeply regrettable that this vile group have been allowed to go ahead with their march.

“The racist and homophobic views of the SDL’s membership will mean that this march is unlikely to proceed without incident.

“In light of recent events in other parts of the UK as well as the history of arrests in previous SDL demonstrations, I believe that any march by this organisation poses a real threat to public safety.

“Scotland has a long history of rejecting fascism and racism, and I am certain that we will continue that proud tradition.”

Anti-fascism group Unite Against Fascism Edinburgh have said the city’s residents will be “rightly outraged” by the decision.

Luke Henderson from the group said: “This is not about freedom of speech; this is about vile racists bringing a message of hate into Edinburgh. They want to divide communities and spread fear and violence. Edinburgh is one city of many cultures and in this town there is overwhelming opposition to racism and organised racists and fascists.”

An anti-facism protest is scheduled to be held in Edinburgh today after the Scottish Defence League won their appeal to hold a rally.