Carlsberg don’t do election campaigns


by Mark Irvine

Seems to me that Gray Tank Commander has put his finger on the secret of the SNP’s success – in the ongoing Scottish election campaign.

Reaching the parts other parties can’t reach – and drawing support from people who can’t even vote – is no mean feat it, has to be said.

Witness the following extract from Gary’s article in the Sunday Herald:

“Talkin ay radge political parties, the one-man con-band Tommy Sheridan huz piped up fae Cell block H that if he could vote (he canny) but if he could (he canny) but, if he could (he canny!) he would vote fir the SNP.

So … Alan “Times Square” Cumming and now Tommy “Solitary” Sheridan: what is it aboot the SNP that attracts support fae radges that canny even vote?

I canny wait tae see who they bring oot the bag next week: “A note today was found belonging to the Queen Mum that said if she wiz alive today, she too would vote for the SNP – the note also says that William huz done good considerin his baldy coupon.”


Now Carlsberg don’t do election campaigns, but if they did …

Published with thanks to Action 4 Equality Scotland