Celebrate a common future for Scotland


The Festival of the Common Weal on 6th of July in the Arches, Glasgow, is all set-up to be a great celebration of new, progressive thinking in Scotland.

It brings together a whole range of organisations who have been actively involved in the great question of the referendum debate: how can we make Scotland a better country for its people?

The Arches provides a space whereby this question can be advanced in different, creative ways:

  • The ‘Live Arch’ will provide an outlet to see some of Scotland’s most vibrant bands, poets, comedians and creative cinema.
  • The ‘Talk Arch’ will allow debate and discussion to flourish on ‘how will a yes vote affect the Common Weal?’, ‘Challenges facing the Common Weal’, ‘Jimmy Reid and the Common Weal: what’s the future for workers after the referendum?’ and much much more.
  • The ‘Discussion Arch’ will be a space for round-table discussion on the key ideas of the Common Weal Project with the academics and thinkers who have been helping to develop them, on everything from Town Planning to Energy to Local Democracy to Taxation.
  • The ‘Arts Arch’ will provide a space for live art to take place at the Festival itself, as artists are inspired by the ideas around them.
  • There will also be a family area, where games and discussion will take place in a family friendly environment.

The idea behind the Festival was to showcase and celebrate how far new progressive thinking has come in the referendum debate. The Common Weal Project started just over a year ago and in that time has helped put meat on the bones of the idea that a better more equal Scotland is not just possible, but is practicable and in the intersts of the economy and society. Our recent publication, ‘Common Weal’, has received widespread acclaim for the depth of the ideas.

But we realise we are not alone in the pursuit of a better society. Which is why we are collaborating on this Festival with many more organisations who have been part of this movement for a socially and economically just Scotland including pro-yes groups like the Radical Independence Campaign, National Collective and Women for Independence, as well as other broader campaigns and organisations, like So Say Scotland, Friends of the Earth Scotland and Lateral North (a full list is available at cwfest.com).

We want this to be a festival that people enjoy and are entertained, but also one where people can begin to envisage and experience a new Scotland on its way. We hope you join us on 6th of July.

For full information and to buy tickets go to http://cwfest.com