Celtic and Rangers to be admitted to English Premiership as one team


  By a Newsnet reporter
Glasgow giants Celtic and Rangers will be allowed to join the English Premiership, it has been revealed, but only as a joint team.
Days after UK Prime Minister David Cameron was reported to be considering the possibility of the two Glasgow giants moving to English football, it has emerged that concerns over the bitter rivalry between the two clubs has resulted in English football chiefs insisting that only a joint team can be considered.

The move is believed to have been prompted by a letter to Mr Cameron by the new owner of Rangers, Charles Green.  Mr Green is unhappy with progress on league reconstruction in Scotland and is keen to seize on what he believes are lucrative opportunities for the Old Firm brand in England.

Newsnet Scotland understands that both teams have held talks and will leave second string outfits to compete in the Scottish leagues thus maintaining their Scottish rivarly, whilst a joint ‘Glasgow Old Firm’ team will play in the English Premiership.

Talks between Rangers and Celtic management are believed to have taken place and insiders have reported that the business case has already been agreed.  SKY TV have been lobbying English football chiefs for some time in order to inject some excitement into the Premiership which bosses fear is becoming stale.

Details on team colours and crest will be loosely based on both existing teams.  It is expected that the home stadium will alternate between Celtic Park and Ibrox, but training will take place at Murray Park.

An industry insider told Newsnet Scotland: “This deal allows Rangers and Celtic to tap into the millions that the English Premiership generates.  The proposal will also allow SKY TV to inject the Old Firm brand into the Premiership without bringing any sectarian baggage.”

According to The Sunday People, the British PM is taking a “massive interest” in the potential move south of the border for the Glasgow giants.

“Two major powerbrokers ­involved in the process confirmed that ­meetings have taken place recently with Cameron and other leading figures,” the paper reports.

“And the Prime Minister’s team are planning to pull strings to make the move happen sooner rather than later.”

It is also believed that an offer to the Old Firm will prove beneficial to the anti-independence movement if it can be presented as being conditional on Scotland remaining in the Union.

As many of you may have guessed … this story is an April Fool