Challance ti the yuis o Catalan in Aragon


Gliog an seo gus an aiste seo leughadh sa Ghàidhlig
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Gaelic an Scots speakers whiles leuks jailously at the status an position wun bi thon ither  minoritised leid, the Catalan.  Houeer Catalan haes secured thir gains ainerly in the territory o Catalunya itsel.  The Catalan leid is widely spoken in ither autonomous communities o the Spanish state, an here the staundin o the leid is a tait mair precarious.

The autonomous community o Aragon at borders Catalunya ti the wast is linguistically diverse.  Throu maist o the province fowk speaks local varieties o Castilian Spanish bit alang the border wi Catalunya ther a freinge o territory kent as the Franja whaur Catalan is the ilkaday leid, while in the valleys o the Pyrenees monie fowk speaks yae o a distinctive group o dialecks at thegither is kent as Aragonese.  In raicent decades fowk hiv ettled tae mak a staundard spelling an orthography for Aragonese an it is recognised bi linguists as a leid in its ain richt.  

In recogneition o this diversity, the previous Aragonese administration passed a langage law, recognising the yuis o Aragonese an Catalan in thae districks whaur they are spoken an offerin a meisure o offeicial uphaudin an recogneition fur the leids.

The raicent Spanish Spanish elections saw a chynge in monie regional an local goverments throu the hail kintra.  The unpopular economic decisions adoptit bi the rulin PSOE at maks up the national goverment gart monie tae gie their vote ti the main opposition pairty, the conservative Partido Popular.  In the autonomous community o Aragon, the Partido Popular tuik ower the regional government alang wi allies in the richt wing Partido Aragonés Regionalista.

The new administration haes nou announced at it wull overturn the existing language law, stripping Catalan and Aragonese of their status.  The new goverment claims at it wull introduce legislation fur tae forder “an active policy o preservation an fosterin oor linguistic modalities”  wioot specifyin whit thir “linguistic modalities” actually is.  The PP manifesto promised an aa at it wid gie Castilian Spanish the unique position o “the common Aragonese langage”.  

The muive tirls Catalan an Aragonese o their positions as offeicially recognised leids an threitens tae dialectalise thaim bi recognising nae mair nor sindry local varieties at wid be thocht o wioot reference ti its linguistic context.  This wull effectively stap onie offeicial yuis o thir leids an severely pit the hems on their yuis in the scuils.

In a raicent report the Catalan sociolinguist Natxo Sorolla, at haes has studied the linguistic seitiation in the Catalan speakin pairts o Aragon, mairkit oot hou the PP in Aragon shaws a stark anti-bilingual policy an disnae guise its wushes tae impose Spanish leid monolingualism.  

Catalan language richts haes made gryte strides ower the past decades, bit fur monie Catalan speakers, the fecht fur recogneition o their leid conteinas.