Charles Ramsey – the reluctant hero of Cleveland


  The man who helped free three women who had been missing for years, presumed dead, has rejected claims that he is a hero.

Charles Ramsey was eating some dinner Monday night at his home in Cleveland’s West Side when he heard screaming.  Soon, he was knocking down a neighbour’s door with another man named Angel Cordero, freeing three women and a girl who police say were held hostage for years.

Mr Ramsay’s interview on US TV has turned the local restaurant worker into an internet star and a hero around the world with his open and frank description of how he helped free the women.

His colourful phrases and natural laid back manner has brought him to the world’s attention.

Speaking to eager reporters on the day the women were freed, Ramsey explained: “I’ve been here a year.  You see where I’m coming from? I barbecue with this dude.  We eat ribs and whatnot and listen to salsa music…”

He added, “I knew something was wrong when a little, pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms. Something is wrong here.  Dead giveaway.”

However Charles Ramsey dismisses claims he is a hero and simply says he was raised to do the right thing.

Others though have readily acknowledged Ramsey’s quick thinking helped end years of captivity for three young women.

The restaurant in Cleveland, where Mr Ramsey works, posted a message on Facebook saying, “we’re extremely proud of our employee Charles Ramsey for not turning his back on the young women.  He’s a true Cleveland hero.  Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with the women, their families and their friends.”

Restaurant owner Chris Hodgson told CNN News that Ramsey goes above and beyond in his work duties.

“You give him something to do, and he’ll do more,” he said. “We always look forward to seeing him, because you know he’s gonna bring a smile to your face.”

Ramsey’s phone call to the emergency services has merely added to the laid back charm of the unassuming hero:

“I’m smarter than that, bro. I’m telling you where the crime was, not my house,” he says to the operator.

“Are the people that she said did this, are they still in the house?” the 911 operator asks.

“I don’t have a f—–g clue, bro. Like I said, I just came from McDonald’s.”

The operator then asks him to check whether Berry needs an ambulance.

“She needs everything. She’s in a panic, bro. She’s been kidnapped, so, you know, put yourself in her shoes.”

“We’ll send the police out,” the operator responds.