Christianity in Scottish Politics, A Trinity Triptych;


The Son.
By allymax

The Holy Father is in Scotland this week, and in keeping with all our Christian affiliations, we can all celebrate Christianity in Scotland today. The Wall Street Journal writes, “This month Pope Benedict XVI will travel to … the United Kingdom, meeting with the Queen at Balmoral Castle, and giving an address to Parliament. … political issues will doubtless be touched upon”. We should all pray to God the Unionist politicians can keep their jeering, sneering, and whining to a very rare minimum, and act with a semblance of humanness; we don’t want them embarrassing the Queen, the Holy Father, all Scots and Scotland.

The Son.
By allymax

The Holy Father is in Scotland this week, and in keeping with all our Christian affiliations, we can all celebrate Christianity in Scotland today. The Wall Street Journal writes, “This month Pope Benedict XVI will travel to … the United Kingdom, meeting with the Queen at Balmoral Castle, and giving an address to Parliament. … political issues will doubtless be touched upon”. We should all pray to God the Unionist politicians can keep their jeering, sneering, and whining to a very rare minimum, and act with a semblance of humanness; we don’t want them embarrassing the Queen, the Holy Father, all Scots and Scotland. Their infernal maliciousness to all things honourable in politics is extremely offensive, un-Scottish, and un-Christian. However, it does present itself as a perfect opportunity for our Queen, our Scottish Government and the Holy Father to ‘touch upon the independence political issue’, with an opportunity to pitch the idea to dissolve the political bands between Westminster England, and Holyrood Scotland, to His Eminence!

Indeed, both The Declarations of Arbroath, 1320, and of Independence 1776 cites their peoples sufferings, and their reasons for declaring independence from Westminster. In the American declaration they state:

‘a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism. It is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such a Government”.

The Scottish Declaration cites:

the “deeds of cruelty, … and yet other outrages without number … sparing neither age nor sex, religion nor rank, no one could describe nor fully imagine unless he had seen them with his own eyes.”

Although 18th century ‘Westminster ways’ are rarely seen today, we see how the barbarism of Westminster politics has evolved from Medieval and Enlightenment times, to the contemptuous, insincere maliciousness of post-modern times; as times change the oppression and tactics change too. It seems Westminster are more unethically, and amorally aware of how to better manage and disguise their despotic methods!

Westminster prides itself on its paradox of relevance; it guides their notions of ‘just’ policies, like the Iraq war where hundreds of thousands of innocents were killed. Their macro politics, their capitalist deontological-based ‘categorical imperatives’ provide ideal excuses of solace, shelter and defense from their persecution anxieties, a moral responsibility. These Kantian philosophies allows deceitful politicians, (on a journey), to lie through their teeth, while demanding respect for their maladjusted integrity; winding words twisted in synclastic fashion, so devoid of morality they have the ethics of a brick, and the culture of hospital food. Their macro politics is quintessential in functioning their micro politics persecutions of ‘unintended consequences’; impoverished communism for the plebiscite peasants, and capitalist Marxism for the Kantian Seducees. Kantian categorical imperatives are ‘ordered’ to remove any element of religion, love and compassion from their equation; whatever the capitalist benefit is, it ‘ought’ to be done, it becomes a ‘duty’ to be done, regardless of the unintended consequences in morality. This analysis of Westminster philosophy, now explains Westminster’s disgusting, immoral and contemptuous trash-talking of our Scottish Government’s decision to release a terminally ill man on compassionate grounds; Westminster philosophy has un-Christian ideals for un-Christian policies.

Westminster has fundamentally changed their tact on how they see their function as government; it’s certainly not for, of, and by the people, rather, it’s for the people, of the oligarchs, by the Marxists. Westminster has fundamentally shifted from an honour based system in representative politics, to a deontological capitalist market based system, and this is why Scotland now finds itself at a political, social and cultural crossroads, because Scots don’t recognise this as politics, representation, nor government; it’s not of ‘the union’. It is culturally, socially, and politically alien to us, our laws, and function, as government, and this is why Scotland’s crossroads must go either to self-autonomy and independence, or status quo union and further oppression.

The Marxist money moguls, the owners of the Westminster cause, write their communist manifesto policies for their Westminster politicians to use on the people, and it is supported and authenticated by the Marxist owned media; the mainstream media of most national newspapers and television stations. The mainstream media, (msm), are to all intents and purposes, political indoctrinating tools for Westminster. The BBC ran anti-Catholic newscasts on its World News newscast the same day the Holy Father arrived in the UK; highly insensitive, and utterly provoking to a guest of the Queen on an official state visit. This is indicative of the psychological warfare methods Westminster uses now, and heaps on the peoples of the United Kingdoms.

Scotland’s justice system is the Westminster crown tool of most oppression, subordination, and subjugation. The auspice and premise of the crown prosecution service, the police and the judiciary in Scotland lays with the Westminster crown. In 1997, Scottish prisons had approx’ 4,000 prisoners. Three Labour governments and 13 years later, Scottish prisons are crammed full with nearly 13,000 prisoners. The Justice secretary Kenny MacAskill only recently complained that the recorded crime rates in Scotland were at their lowest in 40 years, but the conviction rates were at their highest; this is the anomaly of a nation being run into the ground by its union partner through criminalising it. There is no rational explanation for these figures other than to conclude Labour governments had always intended to criminalise Scots. The population of Scotland hasn’t changed much in the last 40 years, but all other facets of Scots society has; we’ve lost our manufacturing bases in steel, coal, and shipbuilding. We’ve watched our communities be ravaged by constant cuts in expenditure. We’ve seen our youths and men be targeted for criminalisation. We’ve got the highest amount of police officers in recorded history, the lowest levels of thresh-holds on crimes and offences, police charge targets, and zero-tolerance on all offences and crimes; now that’s a definite recipe for a purposeful over-criminalisation of Scots society!

Scotland is a veritable police state. The crown prosecution service, (cps), regularly accommodate circumstances with defense lawyers pre-trial for defendants, knowing all too well a prosecution of some kind is a certainty.
The utmost dereliction of duty is that the judiciary don’t speak up! The paucity of Christian morality in the Scottish justice system is now so low, even the maliciously tainted, the cps, is not sufficient to justify its existence. This is the depths to which Westminster stooges have dragged the Scottish justice system. A huge section of our youths are funneled into a ‘revolving door’ prison system, where they are criminalised for minor offences, then can’t get jobs because they’ve got criminal records. They go on offending because they have no other financial options in life. They become the walking shadows that flicker in and out of society; they are the new Lost Boys; that mums and dads prematurely mourn. What kind of humanity purposefully ‘engineers’ the masses as fodder for the maintenance of the ‘justice system’?

Westminster is the mammon we don’t need. The Westminster politics we’ve suffered has facilitated the breakdown of our society, our communities, and our families; families breaking up en-masse to facilitate decadence and hedonism, that political corporatism enthuses as a social choice of consumerism. In deed, our enduring aspect of Scots society is our Christianity, but the politics of Westminster, of union, now comes to impinge on our traditions, culture and social narrative; it is amoral, unethical, and un-Christian. What Westminster is doing to Scots and Scotland is using the people as commodities, and our land as resource for their capitalist masters to take from us. In the process the msm uses the same philosophical principles as their Westminster politicians do, contemptuous smear, fear, and sneer methods to quell our cries of dis-honour, deceit, and degradation; subliminal psychological warfare on the people, by their elected representatives! The smear darkens our souls, it comes from a dark place in the mind; it attacks our Christian sensibilities, but they continue to tell us we’re too stupid, too weak, and too poor to be an independent nation. I’d rather be forever poor and free, than enslaved with their contemptuous union smear everyday. Scotland is suffering so badly now, it is un-Christian; the masses are living dire impoverished lives, extenuated from generation to generation. We need a miracle more than we’ve ever needed one now.

Westminster is ruling Scots and Scotland like the Romans ruled England, with governors and prosecutors sent on mission, and ‘parachuted-in’ to the most powerful offices in Scotland’s government, with the baubled and gonged joke Herod accommodating them. Scotland, per head per population, in Europe, now has some of the highest statistics for drug abuse, alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, teenage abortions, S.T.I’s, early deaths, divorces, citizens incarcerated, unemployment, welfare dependency, whilst having the lowest, (in Europe), social mobility, life span, job opportunities. This is worst case of social self-harm anybody has ever seen in Europe, and the cause is Westminster oppressive subjugation and subordination of Scotland’s peoples. There is no doubt Labour had planned to attack Scotland’s peoples, culture and national identity. The Westminster beast, and it’s msm, continually indoctrinate us with smearing accusing, and their own denials. Our freedoms and individual rights have dwindled so much, Scotland is effectually a police state. Scotland and its peoples need to realise what is happening to them and their nation. This is not a Christian ethic to allow such suffering; in Perpetua. Scottish humanity is in danger of losing its soul to Westminster synclastic politics. We came together in May 2007, as the neodamodes of a Scottish political enlightened renaissance, and elected good, honest, and decent SNP politicians, for afresh new neocratic Scottish Government that used that power to care for our country and our people, and we again need the Scots people to come together, and support a now well matured SNP Scottish Government again.

Westminster doesn’t want Scotland to become independent again because it will lose Scotland’s natural resources wealth, strategic nuclear facility, land and sea territory control in the E.U, Scotland is being brutalised because Westminster are greedy, indecent, and extremely abusive; this union is a horrendous oppression; it functions not as an equal benefit, but rather an oppressive drain. It’s time the united kingdoms of Scotland and England went their own ways. There’s absolutely nothing equal, decent, nor united about Scotland and England sharing united kingdoms anymore; we now have absolute different ideals, moral, and governments; Scotland wants its sovereignty, crown, and national integrity back, and Scots WILL stand up.

Bruce, and Wallace, were blessed by God to lead our nation out of the hands of these evil sufferings we faced in our history. Our SNP Scottish Government are too blessed by God to lead us out of this suffering today, but we need to come together to support them; the SNP will stop this contemptuous suffering; it’s not where God wants us to be. It’s not why Jesus walked his ministry. It’s not why Jesus gave us his Passion; from that red cross, on Calvary. Jesus seen clearly the Roman Governors and prosecutors were nothing more than self-serving Seducees. It was with the will of God, Wallace and Bruce fought and won the right for Scotland to be a nation; officially still as legitimate today, as it was 700 years ago. Every Scot fought hard to keep Scotland from falling under the oppression of the hard evils we face today. We have let them down. We must fight back by supporting the SNP, our Scottish Government in Scotland that promises to take us out of this oppressions we face today. We must support SNP; if we don’t, our sufferings are felt, and foretold for our children, and our children’s children too; all along the watchtower.

Westminster and Holyrood now hold two separate and very different political ideologies of government. Westminster is cultivating an amoral un-Christian consumer-led society for their own greedy corporate needs; the more we consume, the more we are consumed. Where-as, Scotland maintains its traditional honourable principles in politics. This is why we are at a crossroads. This is why we need to choose. This is why the Unionist parties won’t allow us to choose in a referendum. This is why we, the people, need to support our SNP Scottish Government, so that they can give us that choice to choose which way we go at these political, social, and cultural crossroads. The msm even made a t.v, show, showing how impoverished, subjected, abused, and decrepit Scots are; am I supposed to feel so low and redolent that my apathy will render me succumbed? In my next epistle I will discuss our need to choose, from our God-given, Jesus’ own promise of the Holy Spirit, but I have already made my choice; I won’t tolerate Westminster anymore. Scotland needs more shepherds. It’s the only thing that’s missing. Scotland has plenty brave Scots that will stand and fight, but we need more shepherds that will call, collect and guide us. In my travails through Scotland’s great schemes of things, I’ve never seen so many empty eyes, darkened souls, and lost spirits; it’s like taking a virtual walk through the modern poverty classics of ‘A Clockwork Orange’, ‘Trainspotting’, and culminating in ‘The Grapes of Wrath’. Scotland has been so devastated and criminalised, its mind has evolved through the oppression to attempt to somehow hold on to its identity and soul. Now that’s real Scottish heart where I come from. Jesus was borne to suffer our sufferings, and we don’t need to suffer these evils anymore; “Repent; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” ICXC. This is allymax signing off, and praying our Elders, our Queen, and our Holy Father hears our sufferings. God bless Scotland’s Queen, our Holy Father, all our Elders, our Christian church, and our SNP Scottish Government.

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