Christianity in Scottish Politics, A Trinity Triptych;


The Holy Spirit.
By allymax

It’s not often we get to speak about Scotland’s national religion as a matter of current affairs, but this is a special time in Scotland, the 450th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, and the Catholic Papal visit from Pope Benedict 16th. Celebrating this joyous time is the most beautiful tenet of Christianity that we have, the grace of God the love of our Father, the Son Christ Jesus, and the guiding gift he left us, the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit.
By allymax

It’s not often we get to speak about Scotland’s national religion as a matter of current affairs, but this is a special time in Scotland, the 450th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, and the Catholic Papal visit from Pope Benedict 16th. Celebrating this joyous time is the most beautiful tenet of Christianity that we have, the grace of God the love of our Father, the Son Christ Jesus, and the guiding gift he left us, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is those decisions we make everyday, where our hearts minds and souls come together in free will, to love the glory of God’s grace. The nation of Scotland has just hosted one of its most unsung, but hugely defining aspects of being Scottish, being Christian. This week, all Scots came together as a nation and celebrated another Scottish homecoming, our Christianity. It also gave us an opportunity to discuss our Christianity and its heritage in Scottish politics. Now that the Holy Father has been, and gone, we can look at how our own Holy Spirit should lead us to make the right choices, to reflect on our Christianity in Scottish Politics, and to understand where our political, social and cultural future lays.

As a child growing up in Scotland, I went to a Baptist church on Sunday mornings, then I would take my granny to her Catholic church in the evening. To me, there was no disparity, no separatist thinking, nor ideology, we’re all Christians and God loves all of us. Those indoctrinated partisan beliefs came later as my sense and sensibilities integrated to comprehend my God-given free-will as an individual; this coming of age provided me with choices, an entrance into society as an individual. The ambivalence of the young maturing mind that comes with ‘the coming of age’ is subjected to the indoctrinated differences, (differences that the mainstream media like to exaggerate), but really are only one’s own self-preservations, nonchalantly implanted by the politics of our free-will choices to form an identity; an existential sense of being, evaluated and categorised to control the meaning of our own lives.

These are the differences we espouse, herald, and placate within our society in an attempt to make choices of good or bad, right or wrong, in deed, whatever we think will benefit our extension and value of life. We ultimately choose earthly values of Eros, or Thanatos from the ambivalences we now call choice. With, or without God’s help, it’s our own politics of choice we are espousing, an ecumenical micro politics that is traded between ourselves and the social matrix. Whether it’s down to decadent, hedonistic values that unconsciously allay the nefarious fragility of our human mortality, or whether it’s all the politicians fault, the fact is the micro politics of our free will is to blame for our perceived differences in our beliefs, and only in this recognition can we the people, Scots’ begin to find redemption of heart soul and mind.

When bible scripture says, “And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance,” Acts 2:4, this defines the exact moment all the apostles came together, trusted in God, and made the right choice. Upon this, God filled them with His Holy Spirit, partly as a show of His power, partly as reinforcement, and partly to encourage them to spread the gospel.

God gave us free-will so that we strive to make the right choices, the choices that always appear to be devoid of benefit, gain, and self-preservation, because tangible gain is perceived as more than spiritual wealth, but in here lays the truth; the closer we come to God, the easier our choices become, for the better. The Maker of our ability to choose, our inheritance of Eden, has bestowed upon us the ability to find salvation, exaltation, and everlasting peace within ourselves from our own free-will choices, and it is how we, our micro politics, trade with the social matrix, defines our spiritual wealth; this is what God imagined for us, to make the right choices our Scots’ heritage churched society had bestowed upon us.

As that little Scottish kid, other than to avoid walking on the cracks in the pavement, I had not yet known of this feeling; the church held that feeling of wonder, its gargantuan size, rising up high above me, until the spire and my creaking neck came together. This awesome megalith, the house of God, must have a mega chair for our Lord too. As a young adult, I got out of the habit of going to church, and on the occasion I passed my church by, pangs of guilt would be released into my conscience, I would remember how I was always taught to strive to stay in the house of the Lord, and how backsliding opened the door to sin.

It is the symbiotic nature of our social culture, laws, values and traditions that reminds me it’s a fundamental part of my heritable Scots ethos and culture. We, Scots and Christianity, come to co-exist on the physical level of going to church, and on the metaphysical level of knowing to be in church; it’s part of our upbringing. It is as if our existential beings were guided by our innate archetypal ancestral spirit; a divine mind and body experience where the metaphysical and physical dualism of our Scottish Christian nature finds completion.

Not everybody was brought up to go to church, but Scots generally have Christian values to a lesser or greater degree. Regardless, the fundamental aspect is, because Scotland has a Christian heritage and society, in all its social aspects of culture, laws, morals, ethics and creed, then everybody living in Scotland, to a degree, participates in Scotland’s Christianity. It is an unavoidable unseen predetermination within our Scottish social psyche we take for granted. In deed, living within societal ideals is unavoidable when living in Scots society. Scotland is predominantly a Christian society, and we’re not divided on this issue; we actually come together to be pleasantly tolerant of each others rights, and other religions, to live in our society.

What we have discovered from our two previous epistles is that Scotland has an ancient heritage of Christianity. That Christianity is unavoidable living in a Scots society, and that our Scots Law system is a mature, deep and rich wealth of our Christian ethics, values, and beliefs. We also know that our SNP Scottish government are good honest politicians, and their values and politics also mirror our Christian beliefs and values too; MacAskill’s use of compassionate release on a terminally ill prisoner, shows that. It also evidenced that Scottish Government politics is wholly different from Westminster politics. Westminster were willing to release this same prisoner on a Prisoner Transfer Agreement, in return for ‘dirty deals in the desert’. The SNP Scottish Government is honest, fair, moral and ethical; the Westminster government is malicious, deceitful, immoral and dis-honest. The SNP Scottish Government facilitate traditional Scottish values in their function of government; the Westminster government facilitate self-righteous and indecent values in the function of their government, and they try to blame empiricist Marxist deontological philosophies to legitimise their evils. The SNP Scottish Government represent the people in a fair and unbiased way; Westminster government use the mind-bending subliminal indoctrination of their mainstream media to tell us we’re all too stupid, poor, and useless to think for ourselves. The Scottish Government is for independence and self autonomy; the Westminster government wants to force this union on us so they can maintain their rape of our natural resources. It’s really not difficult to understand anymore, it’s SNP or the Unionists. The SNP Scottish Government are good politicians, and their ethics and values are traditionally Christian; the Westminster government Unionists are lying, deceiving, and dishonest politicians, that have the un-Christian values and ethics of gutter rats. The choice of where our votes should go at the next election in May 2011 is also not difficult at all; SNP self autonomy/independence, or Unionist self-serving destitution. This is what the Holy Spirit is, what leads you to make the right choice.

Our Westminster Unionist party politicians have made wrong choices, they have led us to wars in spite of our protesting; I was one of many that protested against the Iraq war. It was illegal, immoral, and it murdered hundreds of thousands of innocents. Our SNP Scottish Government speak on my behalf when they say they didn’t support making war on Iraq. The Iraq war was, and still is, a terrible sin of our human nature. The supposed good these evil politicians claim, does not out-weigh the horrendous evil it made. Looking back in regretful retrospect neither absolves those politicians misdeeds. They have to ask God for their own forgiveness, they lied, cheated, and deceived, to make war on another country, and many many lives were destroyed and lost. But most Scots, and our SNP party knew from their Christian hearts that what Westminster was doing was wrong; it was a ethic of proportionality that guided the SNP, that a small good of ‘removing a tyrant’ did not out-weigh the murder of so many innocents. Our SNP party showed a deep sense of Christian culture. To me, no other example can be such a potent testament and witness for Scotland’s deep, cultivated moral sense of right and wrong; Christianity in Scotland is highly cultivated, matured and of the highest pedigree; very much made in the image of God.

We can’t avoid making choices in our lives, but we can make those choices from informed perspectives, and this Trinity Triptych shows these perspectives. When the nation of Scotland is practically on its knees because of ‘Westminster ways’, because of 100 years of demolishing our steel, coal, shipbuilding manufacturing base, and because of 300 years of Westminster totalitarian oppressive policies on Scots and Scotland, there is no reason to be divisive anymore, ‘we are all Jock Tamsons bairns’ as the saying goes. As a child, this was Jesus’ gift to me. As an adult, He left me another gift, His guidance, in the Holy Spirit. Just as I couldn’t see sin when I was a child growing up in Scotland, as an adult, I had to make the right choices; of which, are now, my back pages.

If only for once in our lives, we must all choose to put the disparity, the separatism, and the sectarianism behind us and come together as a nation, and support our SNP Scottish Government to lift us out of Westminster’s Unionist divisive and oppressive clutches. We need to come together and vote en-masse for SNP, for the end to a block grant that cheats us out of our own natural resources and wealth. We need to come together and vote en-masse for the end to our social strife where Scotland has the highest drugs, alcohol, crime, divorce, teenage pregnancy, abortion, divorce, incarceration, S.T.I’s, and suicide rates in Europe. We all know someone who has been affected by Westminster’s horrendous beating down of Scots and Scotland, we must come together as a nation again and create a better society; to show support for the only Scottish party that can cure these ills, our own Scottish National Party. God doesn’t want us to suffer, Scotland has suffered enough. He has given us His Holy Spirit in the shape of our own free will choices; it’s the purple cross we all bare in our bodies; look for it and you will find it. It’s now time to make the right choices; choose SNP for Scotland. God gave us 10 basic laws to live by, Jesus gave us another two, “do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” And, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” ICXCNIKA; and I do. This is allymax signing off with my last epistle of this Trinity Triptych, asking all Scots to closely consider how you want the future of our Scots society to go; it’s now more for my children that I commit my activism, so I say vote SNP for a better society. This triptych of political epistles is dedicated to my children, my mother, and my church.

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