Coalition quizzed on Syria situation


The Scottish National Party has pressed the UK Government on what next steps might be pursued in relation to Syria given concerns about military intervention.

In a House of Commons question to Foreign Secretary William Hague the Westminster SNP Leader and Foreign Affairs spokesman Angus Robertson MP said:

“The Foreign Secretary has highlighted the need for flexibility to consider taking additional steps to try to save lives if there is no progress in the near future.

“Given the concerns about military intervention what might those additional steps be?”
In his answer the Foreign Secretary declined to provide substantive detail but suggested that certain supplies to opposition forces, such as helmets and body-armour currently covered by an arms restrictions might be looked at.
Speaking after the House of Commons statement on Syria, Angus Robertson MP said:
“The suffering of the people of Syria is appalling.  The death, injury and destruction is totally unacceptable and the humanitarian situation is catastrophic.

“It is particularly worrying that because of the security situation the United Nations and Red Crescent are now unable to supply essential foods to nearly 2.5 million people.  
“I understand why European countries are seeking flexibility in the next steps to save lives, but given concerns about military intervention it would be helpful for the UK to signal what those steps might be if the violence continues.”