Commentary: The White Man Coup Versus Humanity

Trump predicts the range of predicted British success in Brexit talks (plus or minus hee-haw)

Scottish author, playwright and activist Peter Arnott on the whiff of corruption that follows modern Western politics.

This little essay started with the thought, prompted by the fact that the Trump Organization has directly profited from the Trump Presidency to the tune of $500 million dollars – so far – that we need a new word for “corruption”.

Peter Arnott

Despite protestations, made on both the left and right, that “they” are all the same…they are not all the same.  With Orban and Trump and Brexit, to name but three, we are moving into new territory…or perhaps, revisiting some old territory that we really thought we’d put behind us in 1945.

Then came this, the most blatant support so far given by the new Supreme Court of the United States for racially based voter suppression.

In the State of Ohio, anybody who has not voted for three years can be removed from the electoral register.  This, of course, disproportionately affects the poor and the young and the non-white…which is precisely the idea.  The Supreme Court, before even the introduction of Trump’s next nominee, has granted legitimacy…and maybe permanence… to what I am calling, from now on, The White Man Coup.


The White Man Coup is an act of demographic panic. The Obama Presidency alerted White Men that unless they did something radical, America would cease to belong to them. So they looked around and they hired Trump to do the job they needed done. They knew that maintaining White Man Supremacy in the USA would require thuggery, corruption and bigotry. So they hired a thuggish, corrupt bigot to do the job on their behalf. White Men knew exactly what they were doing and why. This is why even Trump’s palpable idiocy and borderline mental illness, his bone idleness, his delusions…as well as his naked, brash criminality…matter not a whit to his White Man support base.  You don’t hire St Francis when what you need is a gangster.


Changes in the racial make up of the United States (and Europe), currently dramatised by the politics of immigration, are a specific set of circumstances that required, for White Men, a specific response…and this is true everywhere in White Man World from the Kremlin to Cincinnati, Ohio.

The White Man Coup, or “Brexit”, as we call it here, is impervious to accusations of criminality or of Russian Interference because it is based on Racial Panic rather than what we used to call Patriotism…which would involve some respect for the rule of law. Any and all means of self defense, (as the White Man Coup sees it) is permissible. The struggle is existential.  This is why the manipulation of the Brexit vote, for example, is hardly being reported in the news.

(Putin sees himself as the leader of a phallocentric defence of White Christianity, a version of the post Napoleonic War Holy Alliance against emerging democracy, and is acknowledged in his leadership by Banks, Trump and even Victor Orban…which is a hell of a stretch for a Hungarian Nationalist.)

Of course, White Men may find the crudity and corruption of a Trump or a Farage a tad embarrassing (in public), but being crude and corrupt and a little absurd, even, is part of the job description. It certainly was for the dictators in the 1930s. But because The White Man Coup treats all politics now as a zero sum game of political survival vs political extinction (beneath a Muslim, female, Mexican Gay tide), so do the hired guns of the Coup treat political victory as an imperative that justifies all measures, and are fully supported by their electoral bases in any amount of crudity, corruption and absurdity. Cruelty is the accepted price of  survival, as is the shared guilt of internment camps for immigrants, for example.


As for the hired guns themselves, they know, as dictators have always known, that the alternative to staying in power forever is prison at best. So just as their supporters will go along with any amount of cruelty for the “survival of the race”, so Orban and Trump et al will embrace any legal or extra legal means, any lies, any necessary measures, to stay in power forever.  (Or to assure that they are succeeded by people every bit as guilty as they are.) Trump in particular knows that defeat at the ballot box means prison, and White Men fear that defeat of their coup (“Making America Great Again”) means extinction, just as the Germans did (or as they told themselves in justification) in the 1930s and 40s. Democracy and the Rule of Law are minor collateral damage.  Hence voter suppression, breaking Trade Unions funding (as the Supreme Court also just did) and , crucially the dismantling of International Legal Frameworks from NATO to the EU. 

White Man, prompted by the Immigration Crisis, has come to believe that only the jungle is the territory of their survival. This is why the only possible redress against the Coup, the only defense for Humanity (a concept specifically rejected by the Coup, along with any other globalism, including climate change) is the force of numbers. Unless America votes decisively against the White Man Coup in November, unless we find a way of stopping Brexit, unless the EU finds a way to deal with the politics of migration that don’t involve Europe (like Trump’s America) becoming a xenophobic fortress then we are heading into years of darkness. 

The institutions set up after WW2, the UN, the WTO, The EU…were all attempts to guarantee us against jungle warfare. They have lasted for nearly eighty years.  They have months left to live unless Humanity defeats the White Man Coup.


The term “White Man” is deliberate. The women and members of ethnic and gender minorities who support the agenda of White Man Supremacy, in this rubric, might be called “enablers” who think they know which side of their bread is buttered. 


I am a white man (see picture. Ed).