Concerns as Labour council blocks all SNP Cosla representation


SNP MSP Jamie Hepburn has condemned North Lanarkshire Council chiefs for blocking SNP representation on COSLA.

The Labour group will make up all of its six delegates, stopping the two representatives the SNP had in the last council – despite the SNP gaining six councillors in the elections, cutting Labour’s majority by 25 per cent.

Mr Hepburn, SNP MSP for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth, said:

“Labour’s shocking abuse of power in North Lanarkshire has been laid bare.

“The role of COSLA is to represent the voice of Scottish local government.  But Labour in North Lanarkshire are clearly plotting to stop this from happening.

“The SNP made gains in North Lanarkshire.  People living in these communities – who voted for the SNP – deserve for their voices to be heard.

“Council chiefs owe voters an explanation as to why, when Labour’s majority was cut by 25%, it is closing ranks to try and protect what it sees as its own little fiefdom.

“Voters spoke but Labour hasn’t listened.  That is extremely disappointing and is not progressive or democratic.

“It has hardly been a great start for local government – with Labour/Tory pay rises in Aberdeen and Labour’s anti-democratic practices in North Lanarkshire.  I’m sure this isn’t quite what people had in mind when they cast their votes in the council elections.”