Conference on Scottish Independence Announced


A conference looking at some of the things Scotland could achieve with full independence has been announced by the Scottish Independence Convention.

‘Positively Independent’ will feature a host of speakers from the world of Arts, Academia, Media and Politics in order to look at the possibilities that independence could bring to Scotland.

Speakers including former Times and now Scotsman journalist Joan McAlpine, actress Elaine C. Smith, singer and commentator Pat Kane and SNP candidate Osama Saeed will take part in discussions on the Scottish economy, women and independence, Scotland’s creative society and Scotland’s relationship with the rest of the world.

Each topic will feature an open mike discussion allowing audience members to participate.

The conference will be held on Sunday 7th Nov. at 11am at The Glasgow Piping Centre, coffee will be available from 10:30.

The full programme can be seen below:

7th November 2010


We are asking our lead speakers and participants to take a fresh look at what Scotland could achieve with the powers that independence would bring.  Our choices may vary but independence offers Scotland new possibilities.

10.30-11am Coffee

11:00-12:15  What can we do with the Scottish economy?

  • Prof. Mike Danson
  • Mike Small
  • John McAllion
  • George Kerevan

Open mic discussion

12:15-13:15 Why do fewer women than men support independence? Can we change this?

  • Joan McAlpine
  • Elaine C Smith

Open mic discussion

13:15-14:15 Lunch

14:15-15:15 Re-imagining Scotland: Is a more creative, participative society possible?

  • Pat Kane
  • Kevin Williamson

Open mic discussion

15:15-16:15 Scotland International – what should our relations be with the rest of the world?

  • Craig Murray
  • Osama Saeed

Open mic discussion

There will be an edited video made of the conference