Conservatives and Greens criticise Labour


Over recent days, the Labour party has come under fire from both the Green Party and the Conservatives.

In a press release issued yesterday, the Conservatives noted that “following a chaotic campaign which has lurched from one disaster to the next, reports today state that Labour are set to attempt to relaunch on Monday.” David McLetchie, Scottish Conservative Campaign Manager for the Scottish Parliament election, said:

“Labour left our country with a toxic legacy of debt, and is trying to run away from the problem. Iain Gray can relaunch his faltering campaign as many times as he likes, but Labour’s problem is both the message and the messenger.

“Labour can’t cope – Annabel and the Scottish Conservatives are the real check on Salmond.” 

This was followed by a statement from the Scottish Greens in which Patrick Harvie said:

“Labour isn’t working out very well.  You can’t win an election like this without vision, and they’ve had nothing.  We’ve got a right-wing Tory party running the show down south, and Alex Salmond’s worked hand in glove with the Tories for the last four years.  This is Scotland’s time of greatest need as the cuts to public services start to bite, yet Labour are neither an effective opposition to the SNP at Holyrood, nor to the Tories at Westminster. 

“In this election the Greens are offering what Labour should have offered.  Fairer taxes so the richest and big business pay more while people on middle and lower incomes pay less.  Use the money to protect public services, to help local authorities get building houses again, and to make a determined move to wipe out fuel poverty by insulating every home in Scotland. 

“Labour have spent almost twenty years in hock to privatisation – and the Tory plans to privatise Royal Mail were Gordon Brown’s plans before that.  Only the Greens are ready to try and negotiate a public sector bid for Scotland’s postal services, and to prise Scotrail out of the grip of the private sector.  We’re also the only party offering football fans the first refusal when their clubs come up for sale.  It’s how land reform worked for the Highlands, and it can work for supporters’ trusts too. 

“These are positions any moderate and creative centre-left party should have offered the Scottish people in this election, but Labour is either unable or unwilling to offer any coherent vision.  In Glasgow, South, West and Central Scotland a second vote for Labour has always been wasted anyway.  A lot of Labour supporters out there are disappointed by the wooden campaign they’ve run, and they need to know that a second vote for the Greens across Scotland will help deliver precisely the policies Labour should have offered.”