Controversy as team GB Scots refuse to sing God Save the Queen


Two Scottish members of the women’s team GB football team have caused controversy after deciding not to sing the British national anthem at the Olympics.

Footballers Kim Little and Ifeoma Dieke both declined to join their team mates in singing God Save the Queen before their recent game against New Zealand.

Ms Little said she had made a “personal choice” not to sing it “because she is Scottish”.

The two joined Welsh stars Ryan Giggs and Craig Bellamy who also decided not to sing the song prior to men’s team GB’s opening game against Senegal.

The decisions by the Scots and Welsh team members has led to claims of ‘offence’ with the British Olympic Association said to be ‘furious’.

According to the Daily Mail, the association has instructed all athletes competing for team GB to learn the words of God Save the Queen and to sing it in order to “show respect”.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Former javelin thrower and Olympic silver medallist Fatima Whitbread said: ‘I think it’s a poor show if you are competing under a British flag and you don’t feel proud to be British.

‘It’s fine for you to believe in Scottish independence and to have your own beliefs – there has always been a bit of a rivalry – but if you are competing under a British flag you need to feel British.’

However Miss Little’s grandfather, William Little said he “supported her 100 per cent” in her decision.

“It’s the national anthem of England, and she is Scottish,” he said. “It is her decision and I support it 100 per cent. I would have done the same. In my personal view I would like to see a Scotland team at the Olympics.”