Cowdenbeath: Vote SNP to protect council tax freeze and deliver school meals say nationalists


The Scottish National Party has issued an eve of poll rallying cry for people to use their votes on Thursday to secure free school meals for children in primaries one to three, extend childcare provision and keep the Council Tax frozen by voting for Natalie McGarry.

Natalie is the only candidate who has pledged to back these vital policies in the Scottish budget – one of the first things the next MSP for the area will have to vote on.

While the SNP has promised to deliver free school meals for primaries one to three, saving Fifers at least £330 per eligible child, Labour have tried to stop the policy by voting against their introduction, along with the extension of childcare provision.

Meanwhile, Labour candidate Alex Rowley’s confused position on the Council Tax freeze has been a key issue in the campaign, after he was caught on camera stating that “one option could be that you put something on the Council Tax”.

Commenting, SNP Candidate for Cowdenbeath Constituency Natalie McGarry said:

“This by-election has focused on the cost of living, and the support that people get from SNP Government policies to make ends meet.

“If I am elected as the next MSP for this area, I will use my vote to deliver extended childcare and to fund free school meals for children in primaries one to three – saving families at least £330 for every eligible child.

“I will back the Scottish budget and secure the Council Tax freeze that will save Fife households more than £1,600 on average by 2016/17.

“I am the only candidate who has pledged to vote for these vital policies – the policies that people here want and need. Not one of my opponents can honestly say the same.

“A vote for the SNP is a vote to deliver for Fife and to protect the people’s policies.”

SNP leader Alex Salmond MSP added:

“The message that has come over loudly and clearly in this campaign is that people are angry and feel let down by Labour. Their extraordinary decision to gang up with the Tories to try and block free school meals caused real shock in this area.

“Labour’s behaviour has shown that they simply cannot be trusted to put the needs of people in Fife first.

“Only a vote for Natalie McGarry is a vote for a candidate who will be a champion for local communities, and always put the needs of people living here first.”