Curran undermines No campaign saying “We don’t need more of the same”


   By Bob Duncan

The Scottish National Party has criticised the leadership of the Labour party for undermining their own No campaign, following Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran’s “more of the same” comments on STV news last night.

In an interview on STV’s news at 6, Ms Curran commented on the UK government’s many failures in Scotland and said, “We don’t need more of the same.”  

The shadow Scotland Secretary then attacked her Coalition opposite number, saying:

“Michael Moore has his priorities all wrong and what we don’t need is more of the same.”

However, senior SNP figures quickly pointed out that Ms Curran’s comments simply highlighted the constitutional contradictions at the heart of the Labour leadership’s alliance with the Tories on Scotland’s constitutional and economic future.

They said that, while Ms Curran and others in the leadership of the Labour party may claim to oppose coalition policy on Scotland, they nonetheless continue to give unwavering support to the Tory-led, anti-independence ‘Better Together’ campaign.

John Mason MSP said that Labour have been unable to square this circle and they would drive their own supporters away with their conflicting position.

This dichotomy has already led many inside the Labour party to conclude that they should oppose party policy and support independence for Scotland, spawning a number of breakaway groups such as ‘Labour Supporters for independence’.

Mr Mason, SNP MSP for Glasgow Shettleston, said:

“What an obscure thing for Ms Curran to say. We hear the Labour leadership saying they don’t want ‘more of the same’ when more of the same is exactly what she is campaigning for – Westminster making decisions for Scotland.”

Just over a week ago, Shadow defence Secretary Jim Murphy wrote on newly reborn blog, ‘Labour Hame’, announcing that he had decided to share a platform with the Tories in support of the No campaign. “I’m going to go campaigning,” he wrote, “And the Tories will be there on the same side.”

The shadow defence Secretary added:

“As I’ve said before, I won’t be campaigning alongside David Cameron. But I will be standing at a street stall with members of his party… In this debate I am not and never have been a Unionist.  But I fundamentally believe in Scotland being part of the UK…  For those reasons and more I will find common cause with people in other parties and no party as part of Better Together,” he explained.

John Mason added:

“Margaret Curran, Jim Murphy, Anas Sarwar and their leader Johann Lamont know their grassroots are uneasy at becoming a prop for the Tories in the No Campaign.

“In reality there is nothing to separate the anti-independence parties when it comes to Scotland – the Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems are united by continually offering nothing to Scotland but wanting decisions to remain at Westminster.”