Curriculum for Excellence leaflets introduced


Parents across Scotland will receive information explaining how children will benefit from the changes of Curriculum for Excellence as new qualifications are introduced.

A leaflet has been developed closely with the National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS), road-tested with parents and will be sent out via schools this week. It covers information on Curriculum for Excellence, the key benefits for young people and examples of the different routes pupils can take through their education from age 3-18.

Education Secretary Michael Russell said:

“I understand children’s education and future prospects are vitally important to parents. That is why I have worked with the National Parent Forum of Scotland to respond to parents who have been asking for more information about what is happening in Scottish schools today.

“Our education system is good and it is becoming great. I want to ensure that parents understand what changes have been introduced and why, as well as how they will benefit their school and their own child.

“Parents and carers across Scotland will receive this new leaflet which covers areas that they have been asking about and signposts to where further information is available. It has been developed in collaboration with parents and others and will help to ensure parents understand the education children will receive across their school journey.”

Iain Ellis, Chair of the National Parent Forum of Scotland, welcomed the leaflet and said:

“Parents at NPFS focus groups and events have been telling us that they wanted more information that explained the stages and progression through Curriculum for Excellence. We are pleased that the Cabinet Secretary is continuing to listen and respond to parents.

“The NPFS were happy to work alongside Scottish Government to produce the learner journey and leaflet. It shows the commitment and determination of everyone involved to take account of the views of parents and to keep them informed. We would encourage all parents to read it and ask their teachers what it means in their school, for their child.”

The leaflet is available from