Curriculum for Excellence: Russell praises efforts of teachers


Education Secretary Michael Russell praised the successful efforts of Scottish schools to rise to the challenge and implement Curriculum for Excellence aheard of a debate today.

With the Scottish Parliament due to debate Curriculum for Excellence later this morning, Mr Russell has pledged to do what he can to ensure a period of stability to allow the changes to bed in and continue to improve Scottish education.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Mr Russell said:

“I have called this debate to give the Scottish Parliament the chance to thank all of our teachers and school staff for their hard work implementing Curriculum for Excellence.

“I know from visits to schools across Scotland that teachers are embracing the opportunities offered by the new curriculum to enthuse pupils and improve learning and teaching.

“Many voices – from educational experts at home and abroad to business organisations – agree that Curriculum for Excellence is the big prize for our education system. Indeed many of those in Scottish education, including councils, the major teaching unions and teachers themselves believe implementation has been successful.

“I hope the voice of the Scottish Parliament will join with that chorus today and send a clear message of support for our teachers and signify our ongoing commitment to driving forward Curriculum for Excellence and improving Scottish education.”

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