Daily Blackmail Cranks into Overdrive


By Mark McNaught

For some reason I thought maybe there were journalistic depths to which the Daily Mail could not sink.  Any illusions I harboured were dispelled by this article with Alex Salmond juxtaposed with Kim Jong Un.

This followed the Mail printing in its Scottish edition the headline ‘Cameron: Don’t rip our family apart’, whereas ‘Why don’t we tell the Scots to shove off’ was emblazoned on the English edition on the same day.

‘Viscount’ Rothermere who owns the Daily Mail must be concerned that aristocratic privilege and entitlement will not be constitutionally recognised in an independent Scotland.  Editor Paul Dacre who owns a massive estate in Scotland would have to register title in Scotland and pay taxes on it, so we can see where their bread is buttered.

This is in the broader context of the London corporate press going into overdrive to save their cherished London establishment.  The Telegraph, Guardian, the Times of London, the Independent, the Huffington Post, and the rest have ramped up their production of ‘some guy said something bad would happen to Scotland if they vote for independence’ stories.

Among the UK printed newspapers, only the Sunday Herald has come out in favour of independence.  There have been rumours of Rupert Murdoch’s Scottish Sun endorsing a ‘yes’ vote, so we will see.  While the Guardian has published some articles favourable towards independence, it continues to publish the bald face lies worthy of the Telegraph.

We are witnessing the full force of the UK establishment and press bearing down on Scotland, but the game has changed.  Twenty years ago, pre-internet, the press could lie and smear with impunity.  One could write a letter to the editor seeking a correction, and see where that goes.

What is bewildering is that they think they will encourage Scots to vote ‘no’ by insulting their intelligence.

Now, the online media can instantaneously refute the lies.  As we watch once respectable papers like the Scotsman spew out bile about ‘warnings’ and ‘risks’ over independence, their reputation simply crumbles.  There is no way of knowing if what they print is true or not.

The narrative over the polls is a prime example.  For 2 years, the polls have purported to show that there is no way Scots could ever vote for independence.  Virtually all the papers incessantly reported the polls showing ‘yes’ behind, and used them to bludgeon Alex Salmond and by extension the independence campaign.

However, I have serious doubts that there is any integrity whatsoever to the methodology.  As I pointed out in a previous column, it is not at all clear that the polling companies sample anyone, let alone get an accurate sense of how Scots will vote on September 18th.  It is entirely possible that many of them are simply made up.

There are hundreds of thousands of Scots from some of the most deprived areas who have registered to vote. 97% of Scots eligible to vote have registered, perhaps a UK record.  The vast majority did not register because they love Westminster Tories and want to vote ‘no’.  Did TNS BMRB factor that into their little calculations?

That does not stop newspapers from trumpeting the findings, thus the media is consumed with the horserace aspect of the referendum, rather than reporting the unthinkable: that Scotland will vote overwhelmingly for independence on September 18th.  If they did that, they could focus on the consequences of a yes vote.

Why aren’t they hectoring the ministry of defence on their ‘plan B’ for Trident?  Why aren’t they badgering the treasury as to how far the pound will have to plunge after a ‘yes’ vote before Osborne begs Scotland to enter into a currency union, as they have basically promised to break up the pound Sterling with their idiotic currency threat.

How will Boris Johnson afford over £1 trillion pounds in infrastructure spending for London without Scottish petroleum revenues?  Oh, right, they are sycophantic towards the establishment.

They could also focus on the amazing opportunity Scotland has to build a feudalism-free 21st century democracy from the ground up, based uniquely on popular sovereignty, free from the corporate corruption that has eaten alive any democratic character Westminster ever had.  The possibility to write a written constitution which clearly codifies governmental powers and individual rights, rather than the Westminster constitutional morass in which Parliamentary supremacy still holds sway.

The London media’s coverage of the referendum, especially the BBC, has been abysmal, utterly biased, and completely mendacious.  As Scots see just how corrupt they are, they can’t unsee it.

Once independence is achieved and the BBC is an option on your satellite package rather than Scotland’s taxpayer-extorted Westminster propaganda machine, a home-grown Scottish media using your own talents will emerge and flourish.

Think of how an independent Scottish media can thrive when they can ignore the lies of the London media, and focus on how to build a better future.

In the meantime, ignore the Daily Blackmail, try not to throw bricks at the telly, hold your nerve, have confidence that your fellow Scots will see through the lies, vote yes, and start building the prosperous independent state you deserve.