Daily Record sends out ‘confusing’ independence poll


By a Newsnet reporter 
An online survey asking registered readers their views on independence has been described as ‘confusing’ after it appeared to allow respondents to say Yes to two opposing options.
The survey, emailed to registered users of the Daily Record newspaper, asked readers three questions, one on whether they lived in Scotland and a further two on their views on the constitution.

The survey asked readers of the online paper: Do you live in Scotland?  Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?  Do you want Scotland to stay in the UK or not?

However, the poll has been described as confusing with claims that the third question doesn’t offer a clear option and that respondents could find themselves blithely filling it in in order to become eligible for a £100 prize draw.

One recipient of the email poll who does not wish to be named told Newsnet Scotland:

“I was surprised to be asked to complete a survey which allows me to provide opposing answers especially when another poll is already being run on the Daily Record web site.

“I was also concerned about the incentive of winning £100. I feel that people may respond without full consideration in order to enter the prize draw.”

The email also provides the recipient with an example on how to answer each question; the example shows a ‘No’ to independence for question 2 and ‘Don’t know’ to question 3.

The email survey follows claims that the referendum question revealed by the Scottish Government earlier this week is “loaded”.

On Wednesday, First Minister Alex Salmond revealed that the draft question was: Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?  The ballot, to be held in Autumn 2014, will offer the electorate the opportunity to opt for yes or no.

There are fears that the strongly pro-Union Record will use results from its survey in order to suggest the Scottish Government’s question is indeed biased. 

An earlier poll on the paper’s website asking whether readers supported independence or not was last running with 60/40 in favour of independence.