Darling called on to distance himself from ‘insulting’ Food Bank comments


The SNP has called on No campaign head Alistair Darling to distance himself from what they said were heartless comments that appeared on an official Better Together Facebook page on the rise in food poverty in Scotland.

According to the Press and Journal newspaper, a Facebook post by Better Together Aberdeenshire claimed that the rise in demand at food banks was just “Scotland becoming a normal European country”.

The Aberdeenshire branch of Better Together sparked outrage online after it claimed food banks were “far from being a sign of failure” for the UK, and described them as a “enriching example of human compassion, faith and social cohesion”.

Dennis Robertson, SNP MSP for Aberdeenshire West said that the comments were insulting and has now called on Alistair Darling as the leader of the No campaign to distance himself from Better Together Aberdeenshire’s comments at once.

Mr Robertson said:

“These comments were made on an official Better Together Facebook page so it is vital that Alistair Darling distances himself from them immediately.

“Not only are these heartless comments insulting to the 70,000 people who have been forced to depend upon emergency parcels in past year – they also uncover the complete lack of ambition that the No camp has for Scotland.

The comment was eventually deleted from the web page, but not before being ‘shared’ hundreds of times.

The MSP added: “This depressing position that the No camp has taken illustrates just how vital it is that we gain the full powers of independence in order to build a better Scotland – one that protects people from poverty and helps them fulfil their potential in work and life – and where food banks are no longer needed.”

A spokesman for Better Together told the Press and Journal: “This is completely inappropriate.  We have launched an investigation into how this appeared on one of our local group pages.”