David Cameron pleads with Newsnet Scotland editor to back No


Below is an email sent on behalf of David Cameron to the editor of Newsnet Scotland.  The email was unsolicited and followed a similar email sent by Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie asking for help in campaigning in return for food and overnight accomodation.
Both emails were bizarre, with the David Cameron communication containing an odd claim that the UK will “smash expectations”.

Below is the email sent on behalf of the Prime Minister:


My message to the Scottish people is simple: we want you to stay.

As the United Kingdom, we have punched above our weight for centuries – and we’ve done so together.

When the world wanted representation, we gave them democracy. When they wanted progress, we had the Scottish enlightenment and the industrial

When slavery bound innocent people, we abolished it; when fascism threatened freedom, we defeated it.

As individuals and as nations, we have done extraordinary things. This is the special alchemy of the UK – you mix together Scotland, England, Wales
and Northern Ireland and together we smash expectations.

The UK is a special and precious country. So let no one in Scotland be in any doubt: we desperately want you to stay; we do not want this family of
nations to be ripped apart.

Across England, Northern Ireland and Wales, our fear over what we stand to lose is matched only by our passion for what can be achieved if we stay

So please, if you don’t have a vote in this referendum, join me in signing a letter to everyone who does, letting them know that we passionately want
them to stay:

If we pull together, we can keep on building a better future for our children. We can make sure our destiny matches our history, because there
really will be no second chances. If the UK breaks apart, it breaks apart forever.

So if you have a vote, please choose a brighter future for Scotland by voting No.

And if you don’t have a vote, please sign this letter to the voters of Scotland, expressing our heartfelt desire to keep our proud family of
nations together:


David Cameron