Dear No voter,


By Alex Mooney

The polls reckon most No voters are like me – of the mature variety, with children and grandchildren, trying to protect what you have worked for over a lifetime.

You are not entirely happy with the politicians who govern you but at least it’s the devil you know.  Taking a step into the unknown is a gamble too far.

By Alex Mooney

The polls reckon most No voters are like me – of the mature variety, with children and grandchildren, trying to protect what you have worked for over a lifetime.

You are not entirely happy with the politicians who govern you but at least it’s the devil you know.  Taking a step into the unknown is a gamble too far.

Deep down, there is perhaps a part of you that is excited by the prospect of your country standing on its own two feet and making a go of it.  But, there again, it could all go wrong…

I understand why you are afraid of independence.  Every day you have been bombarded by the vast resources the No camp has on its side – the state, the media, big business – as these powerful interests combine and conspire to spread alarm.

So it’s hardly surprising you feel this way – we have all had these feelings about which side to back.  But please bear with me before you tick that once in a lifetime No on the ballot paper and let me tell you why you should think again.

Last Wednesday, David Cameron pleaded with Scots to stay in the Union.  Filled with emotion, he told us he would be heartbroken if we voted Yes.  He loved the UK more than he loved his Tory party.  A No vote would make him immensely sad.  It would be like the break-up of his family.  But, of course, if that was the democratic will of the Scots then he would accept it.

Next day, the PM was in London and summoned the big supermarket bosses to Downing Street.  This time there were no crocodile tears for the cameras.  The gloves were off – his job was on the line.

He ordered them to put the word out that shopping is going to cost a lot more if the effing Scots go ahead with this nonsense.

Within an hour the billion-pound empires obliged and the No campaign was in overdrive, filling your heads with yet more fear and uncertainty.

On that same day, 100 Westminster MPs got on the train from Euston to Glasgow to keep the fear going.  Why?  Their well-paid jobs in London were also on the line.

If independence happens then 59 MPs from Scottish constituencies will be heading straight to the jobcentre.  The same MPs who are getting a whopping 10 per cent pay rise.  The same MPs who are still filling their boots with record amounts of expenses – despite the scandal over it just a few years ago and Cameron’s reassurance that it would never happen again on his watch.

So much for the democratic will of the people.  So much for cynical, conniving Cameron, the millionaire Old Etonian who constantly tells us he is a freedom-loving democrat.  And so much for a Labour party – which you have probably voted for all your life – that is in bed with this man and his rich parasite cronies.

Now I know you may be minded to vote No but ask yourself this – do you really want to give your backing to these people who will scare you to death just to keep themselves in a job?

Is this the Union you want to save?  A rotten class system that is increasing the gap between rich and poor and squeezing every last penny from you to line the pockets of the privileged few in London.

Then we had an economist from Deutsche Bank warning that independence will trigger a ‘Great Depression’ across the world.  Really?  Scotland, with just five million people – a ‘minor entity in North Britain’ according to Lord George Robertson – could do that?

It is nonsense, of course.  Not one other economist on the planet – and there are tens of thousands of them – believes that.  Yet the Scottish daily papers – under the orders of their London paymasters – splashed this drivel on Saturday morning.

The simple fact is this – any company in Scotland that is making a profit will remain, regardless of the outcome of the vote.  Why wouldn’t they?  Profit is their only god.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool.

In the Daily Record last week, Lord John Reid and Baroness Elizabeth Smith also railed against independence, insisting that sticking with Labour is the best bet to return wealth from the few to the many.  The truth is the Labour party that seriously challenged the Westminster establishment is long gone.  That’s why its supporters in Scotland have deserted them in vast numbers.  Are the life peers so out of touch with reality?

These Scottish ‘socialists’ will enjoy the trappings of their knighthoods till the day they die.  But let’s not be fooled into believing they care a jot about you.  Or your country.  Any good intentions they ever had were bought off long ago.

Of course, who’s to say Scotland’s politicians will be any better?  Well, for a start, they could hardly do any worse.  And you can turf them out at the ballot box every time.  In my 60 years, Scotland has always voted predominantly Labour but got the Tories for more than half of that period.

Do the sums – Scotland has a population of 5.3 million, England 54 million.  So Scotland, and the rest of the Union, can only ever get the government that England picks.  Every time.  And that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.  A vote for Yes means we will get the government we vote for.  Every time.  And for the first time.

Let me dispel another concern you may have – again spread by Labour politicians – that this is a nationalist frenzy against England.  Not so.  This must be the only independence referendum ever that is not based on dividing people.

England is our closest neighbour and ally and will always remain so.  We can get along famously, each of us running our own affairs, as countries throughout the world do.  It is a perfectly normal, straightforward arrangement so there’s no reason for alarm on that score either – unless you believe the fat-cats from Westminster.

If you still want to vote No after reading this then it is your democratic right.  I genuinely wish you well.

But think how wonderfully liberating it could be if you change your mind and stick two fingers up at the Westminster elite and tell them their gravy train has reached the end of the line. For the first – and only – time in your life you have the power to do so.

On Thursday, I will replace fear with hope and give my support to the talented people who live and work in Scotland to run our own affairs.  Our history is littered with brilliant Scots who made massive contributions to the world and there is no reason for that to stop.

What I won’t tell you is that everything will be rosy.  Challenges and setbacks are inevitable.  But if we roll our sleeves up and face them positively we can overcome any obstacles.

If you vote No, I imagine it will be with a heavy heart and you’ll trudge away from the polling booth feeling guilty that you might just have squandered a fantastic inheritance for your family. Think also of this – if we say No, we’ll be the only country that has ever refused its own independence.

That will make us the laughing stock of the world.

But a fire for change has been lit across Scotland.  Good, decent people like you want to see an end to the obscenity of foodbanks and child poverty in one of the richest countries in the world.  I urge you, please don’t destroy this wonderful moment.

Instead, you can walk away from the vote with a spring in your step and a warm feeling in your heart – as I will – knowing  you have done the right thing by voting Yes.

And don’t let it end there.  Yes requires a commitment from everyone to become engaged in the transformation of the country and to do everything you and your family can to make it succeed.

So don’t be feart.  Be bold.  Be proud.  Be brave.  It is in your hands to make a new Scotland that is warm and welcoming.  A country that has decency at the heart of everything it does.

Please change your mind and let us all set off together on this amazing journey.