Death threats made against SNP’s Alex Neil


SNP candidate Alex Neil has received death threats in a series of sinister phone calls.

The SNP’s Housing Minister, who is contesting the Airdrie and Shotts seat, was targeted by a caller angry that his mother had received a campaign letter from the party.

Around five calls were made by the individual who demanded to be given Mr Neil’s home address and telephone number.

Party activist Peter Owens said: “During the 20 years I’ve been involved in elections, I’ve had irate calls, but never anyone threatening to kill me or anyone else. It was frightening and I was shaken by it.”

Mr Neil’s election agent, Michael Coyle, has now written to Strathclyde Police requesting police officers at local polling stations.

He said: “This raises major concerns about the well-being of our candidate and the people who will be representing him on the day of the election.

“One of my agents was verbally and physically abused at the last election and I am demanding protection. There was never any trouble before when there was a police presence. We can’t allow democracy to be hindered because of this kind of behaviour.”

Airdrie police have said that the matter has been investigated and there is now no threat to Mr Neil.