Democracy at heart of independence as Salmond says time to change political union


  Only by restoring full political sovereignty to Edinburgh from Westminster can Scotland fulfil its true potential, First Minister Alex Salmond said in a keynote speech today.

Speaking on a visit to the Nigg Energy Park, Mr Salmond said that independence was the only way to prevent unpopular and unwanted policies being imposed on the Scottish people by Westminster.

He said only through the powers of independence can we:

  •     Stop the bedroom tax
  •     Prevent tens of thousands of children being thrown into poverty by the UK Government’s war on welfare
  •     Create a childcare system which ranks with the best in the world
  •     Use our tax powers to encourage innovation, investment and job creation across all parts of the country
  •     Have a modern constitution which enshrines the rights of the people of Scotland
  •     Create a fairer and more prosperous society

In the first in a series of speeches the First Minister will deliver over the summer, he highlighted six unions that impact on Scotland today.

Mr Salmond set out how, following a vote for independence in next year’s referendum, Scotland will continue to participate fully in five unions – the European Union, a defence union through NATO, a currency union, the Union of the Crowns and the social union between the people of these isles – embracing them and using the powers of independence to renew and improve them.


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