Devolution has Failed



Devolution has failed.

Devolution has failed in Scotland

Devolution has failed for Scotland

When Holyrood was conceived the voting system was gerrymanderd by Donald Dewar and his Liberal Democrats pals (stand up Ming Campbell)  to ensure that the SNP could never achieve a working majority.

The Labour / LibDems would always rule in coalition. I remember one of the LibDems, Jim Wallace, now in the House of Lords, naturally with his pension and expenses, smiling like a wean wae a new toy, as he was given his Ministerial Mondeo. The Lib Dems bought for a Ministerial Mondeo and Tavish would do it again, given the chance.

The Holyrood building Debating Chamber was conceived as an open arc to signify the inclusiveness that the new Scottish politics would embrace.

Inclusive, but only for Unionist parties.

There were moments of co-operation but after the ascendency of the SNP to minority government the mask slipped.

  • We have had the Scottish Labour parliamentary Group voting against its own amendment to the annual budget.
  • We have the LibDems insisting that we are not intelligent enough to be allowed our own referendum on independence, even though it was part of their manifesto, of yore.  Neither Liberal nor Democrat it seems.
  • We have Aunty Bella of the Tories, arguably the most pragmatic of the opposition groups unable to articulate a decent cerebral opposition because Dave Cameron doesn’t even talk to her and there are more knives in her back than Julius Caesars’s.
  • We had the three of them colluding together on the Calman Commission to kick independence into the long grass.

So, we in Scotland are burdened by a dysfunctional family of squabbling opposition parties completely bereft of ideas or any notion of service to the Scottish people.  Their only policy is self serving and serving their London masters.  There is honour amongst thieves, an honour of obedient duty to themselves and their ilk.

Dog whistle politics from the M25.

Whatever the SNP propose they are against it.

Yesterday, the vote against the minimum pricing of alcohol went against any idea of intelligent logic and was entirely motivated by the politics of envy. They opposition haven’t the intellect or the commitment to act in the best interests of the Scottish people and they know it.

At least the Marx Brothers were professional comedians and made no claims to anything else.{/youtube}

Scotland and her people deserves better than this middenfull of opposition political morons.

Devolution has failed.

Devolution has failed in Scotland

Devolution has failed for Scotland

Devolution hasn’t been allowed to work for Scotland because the London parties don’t want it to for fear it exposes their own ineptitude at Westminster.

It is time for Independence.

Bugger (the Panda)