Diary of an independent: 7 days to go


by Ken O’Neill

I spent the morning on Princes Street handing out my campaign leaflets.  One man told me Scotland shouldn’t spend money on public services. He walks away rather than tell me what we shouldn’t fund – healthcare or schools?

While out in the New Town around lunchtime, I receive an SNP double whammy.  First I have a spirited discussion over my aims if elected with someone who turns out to be a constituency agent for the Nats.  The conversation was all good natured and I enjoyed having to defend my opinions face to face.  Shortly afterwards I end up sharing a break with Shirley-Anne Somerville and her team in St Andrew Square.  We have a good chat and discuss how the previous night’s hustings event went.

In the evening I catch up with correspondence and my hungry stomach.  Then I write a campaign post and one for the Scottish Independence Convention’s collection of blogs.  I also manage to spend some time talking to a friend, who I’ve not seen since the start of the campaign.