Diary of an independent: 8 days to go


by Ken O’Neill, Lothian List candidate

No day during the campaign so far has been like the other.  Today is no different.  Having handed out leaflets on Princes Street, I then meet up with the Evening News’ Ian Swanson for an interview.  Then over the lunch rush I’m around Leith, meeting people and listening to their concerns.

After that I head to my local barber’s to have my hair cut.  I end up explaining why I’m standing and chatting about the election and politics in general with the staff and other customers while in the chair.  A very odd bit of canvassing for votes, even by my standards.  

The Poverty Alliance has agreed to add me as a last minute addition to a hustings on poverty and inequality.  The event starts at 6.  Due to a strange technical problem at my end, I only found out at 3.30.  I manage to write a speech that fits within the tight two minute limit and head off to the event.  During the lively question and answer session, the panel discusses dealing with various issues, including the root causes of poverty versus tinkering around the edges.  Other areas covered include the impact of poverty on children’s health and education chances, plus local government financing.  After that I head home to prepare for the next day and draft two press releases.  Another long day but they are all very exhilarating.