Donside: Millionaire Labour candidate awarded himself a council pay rise


Commenting on Willie Young’s inability to say how wealthy he is, after being asked whether or not he is a millionaire during a television news interview last night, the SNP have said it begs the question why he needed to award himself a 5% pay rise as a councillor – especially as he thinks councils should be able to increase council tax.

Mr Young – Labour’s candidate in the Aberdeen Donside by-election – was asked several times during a BBC interview if he was a millionaire. At first he described it as “a difficult question…I don’t think so” before later saying “I would say ‘probably’.”

As well as seeking to be an MSP, Mr Young is also a councillor, an MSP’s assistant, a company director and a solicitor – calling into question his commitment to the MSP role.

One of his first acts upon forming the administration in Aberdeen City Council last year was to award himself and his colleagues a 5% pay rise – reversing a pay cut that the previous SNP administration had imposed.

In an STV interview, Mr Young said he was in favour of councils being able to put the council tax up.

Commenting, SNP MSP Kevin Stewart said:

“It’s pretty extraordinary for Mr Young not to know whether or not he is a millionaire. He is the Convener of Finance on Aberdeen City Council – yet he doesn’t know how much money is in his own bank account!

“If Mr Young thinks he is ‘probably’ a millionaire, why did he need to award himself a 5% pay rise as a councillor – especially as he thinks councils should be able to put council tax up for ordinary Aberdonians?

“Whether or not he is a millionaire, one thing is for certain is that Mr Young has several different jobs. By contrast, Mark McDonald only wants to represent the people of Aberdeen Donside in the Scottish Parliament – and he has given up a safe list seat to do so.

“Only a vote for Mark McDonald and the SNP will support the ‘people’s policies’ – the council tax freeze, free personal care, free education for young folk and much more.”