Duggy Dug – Borders and Identity


  The wee Scottish Terrier is back and keen to travel.  But will he need a passport if he wants to cross the border to visit his owner’s family in England or Ireland?

What about identity, what will Scots call themselves after independence?

In this second episode of Duggy Dug, our intrepid wee rascal reveals how he captured the heart of a lovely French poodle and takes a step back in time to find out where the name Britain came from.

Borders and Identity is the second in our series of animations and follows Scotland’s Oil which can be viewed here.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to introduce our special ‘Dug Licence’ which is a six inch circular static window sticker with Duggy in his basket.  The sticker advertises Duggy’s own website – DuggyDug.com and can be ordered by clicking HERE.

Borders and Identity