Dumped SNP hopeful complains about procedure


By Derek Bateman

The former diplomat Craig Murray has claimed the SNP is authoritarian after being rejected as a prospective candidate.

The Yes blogger, who was interviewed on Bateman Broadcasting two weeks ago, was rejected from the approved list of candidates after taking part in hustings for the Falkirk seat where he was seen as a frontrunner. He has been approached by other constituencies to stand for the SNP.

Craig Murray

Murray claims he was disqualified for ‘lack of commitment to party discipline’ and says:  “At the assessment interview (with party officials) I was asked the following question:
“If, as part of a confidence and supply arrangement with Labour, the group agreed to support the bedroom tax, could you vote for the bedroom tax?
“I replied “No.” As far as I can tell – and the SNP have ignored my request for feedback – that is why I was failed.”

The blogger, a former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan who was effectively fired after kicking up a fuss over alleged torture in the capital Tashkent during the supposed “war on terror”, alleged the then Foreign Secretary Jack Straw had known about British collusion with the CIA.

On his rejection, he said: ‘It rather gives the lie to the SNP’s claim to be a wide and welcoming organisation.  It also gives credence to the unionist claims that an SNP governed independent Scotland would be a one party state with authoritarian tendencies.

“I also think this says something more about the huge flood of new members into the SNP, and how some of the hierarchy – who make their living from politics – feel threatened by this and seek to hold back what are perceived as more radical elements.’

The row pinpoints an issue for the Nationalists if they are to wield power at Westminster, since compromises will be needed in any deal with Labour and may infuriate new members who have little stomach for the horse-trading of representative politics.

Murray wrote more on his blog today, saying he was shocked by his rejection and has been left depressed.