East Dunbartonshire Yes Scotland group seeks identity of phantom banner brigade


Last week a large banner carrying the Yes Scotland logo suddenly appeared on a fence by Kirkintilloch Road in Bishopbriggs.

As well as the Yes Scotland logo the banner was emblazoned with the signatures of Ziggy, Cath, Mike, Zoe and around 50 others.

The local Yes Scotland group, which has been very active recently fund-raising, canvassing, leafleting and holding public meetings, are mystified as to the identity of the perpetrators.  Emails have been circulated around all members in a bid to discover the identity of those responsible but to no avail. 

Group spokesman, Dr Willie Wilson said:

“We’d really like to meet the perpetrators! They need to join our little army of grass roots enthusiasts.  Maybe they will come along to our public meeting in the Memorial Hall, Balmuildy Rd, Bishopbriggs on Saturday the 27th of April”

Newsnet Scotland understands that the banner has now disappeared as mysteriously as it arrived.  Suggestions that it was taken down following receipt of a lawyers’ letter remain unconfirmed.