ELECTION SPECIAL, Part 2: Our post-election podcast continues

The Prof joins the fray

Professor John Robertson – the man who analysed Scottish TV news coverage of the election campaign for Newsnet – joins Derek Bateman and others to analyse the post-election fall-out in the second part of today’s special podcast.

Prof Robertson, of the University of West of Scotland, first came to prominence in Scottish politics when he published a report criticising TV news coverage of the referendum, a move that prompted a strong reaction from BBC Scotland.

Derek catches the Prof with a right jab
Derek catches the Prof with a right jab

Today he joined Common Space editor Angela Haggerty and Scot Goes Pop blogger James Kelly as they picked over the election results and especially the unprecedented result for the SNP, which took 56 or Scotland’s 59 seats, leaving rivals the Tories, Labour and LibDems with just one MP each north of the Border.

What does it all mean for Scotland, and for the UK? How will David Cameron – armed now with a Commons majority won entirely in England – respond to the democratic challenge ?

Our team discussed all this and more. Click on the audio file above to hear Part 2

(You can listen to Part 1 here )