Electoral Commission apologises to SNP


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The SNP has received a full public apology from the Electoral Commission who have admitted failing to contact the party after a complaint was made by the Tories into the finances of the SNP’s Angus office.

The SNP had demanded an apology after the commission reportedly claimed in a letter that it was “reasonable” to believe that an offence had been committed; this before they had even contacted the SNP.  The SNP had insisted that the Angus finances were 100% in order and that the Electoral Commission need only have contacted them and asked “basic questions” for this to be confirmed.

The commissioner for Scotland John McCormick said:
“There has been a mistake for which we clearly apologise.

“The SNP should not have heard about this complaint from the Conservatives.
“We are embarrassed that procedures were not followed.”

The Commission also revealed that they were reviewing the “phraseology” contained in the aforementioned letter, and that it had led to “misunderstandings”.

Mike Weir, the SNP MP for Angus, said the Conservatives were engaged in “mudslinging” and the accusations were “ludicrous” and “utter nonsense”.