Embarrassment for Better Together after Darling shares platform with ‘Bigoted Tweet’ campaigner


  By a Newsnet reporter
A Better Together activist who was paraded in front of supporters alongside No campaign chief Alistair Darling, has caused embarrassment to the pro-Union group after it emerged she had posted offensive messages, some bigoted, on her private twitter account.
Yvonne Hama appeared alongside Alistair Darling last Saturday in a Better Together event in Coatbridge.  The activist from Airdrie also featured on the official Better Together website urging voters to vote No in September’s referendum.

However today Better Together has been forced to remove the online article after it emerged the No campaigner had posted offensive messages aimed at SNP supporters and Catholics.  In one tweet, the Better Together activist appears to target Celtic fans, calling them ‘septic fans’ and adding ‘#soapdodgers’.

Hama’s online activities were exposed by Scottish political website Wings over Scotland which published a series of images containing messages by the Better Together activist.

Another tweet featured a message from BNP leader Nick Griffin which included a well-known controversial slogan associated with sectarianism, ‘No Surrender’. 

Another message retweeted by Hama made a reference to ‘Tims’, a derogatory term for Catholics, adding that they would “look better hanging from a tree”.

The Better Together activist also referred to SNP supporters as “Nazis”.

Within hours of her background having been exposed, the Better Together campaign hastily withdrew an online blog it had published in which Hama listed her reasons for voting No.  However the image had already been grabbed and was reported online.

The episode is particularly embarrassing for Better Together leader Alistair Darling who, only days ago, was pictured smiling alongside Hama.  Also in the picture was local Labour MP Tom Clark.

Quizzed on the messages posted by their campaigner, A Better Together spokesperson told online magazine, The Drum: “Yvonne is not a politician, however views like this are completely unacceptable.”

The episode comes in the wake of a string of controversial organisations announcing their support for the pro-Union group.  Recent weeks has witnessed the Orange Order register to become an official backer of the No campaign.

Other organisations to publicly back the campaign to prevent Scottish independence include the far right BNP, the SDL and other extreme right wing groups.