EU expert calls for all parties to ‘negotiate in good faith’ prior to independence


  Ahead of his appearance at the European and External Relations Committee, EU expert Sir David Edward has submitted Written Evidence to the Committee stating that all parties should approach EU negotiations in “good faith” and with the “principles of sincere cooperation, full mutual respect and solidarity.”

The former European Court of Justice Judge wrote: “There is an obligation of all parties, including the Member State in the process of separation, to negotiate in good faith and in accordance with principles of sincere cooperation, full mutual respect and solidarity.”

He also backed the Scottish Government position outlined in Scotland’s Future, stating that “negotiation would be necessary” ahead of Scotland becoming independent in 2016 following a Yes vote this September.

Sir David has previously said: “If nothing is done by March 2016, then there is a totally unacceptable situation.  All the recent discussion presupposes that nothing happens until the moment of separation.  My simple argument is that is absurd.”

Welcoming the comments, Clare Adamson, who sits on the European Committee said: “This is another common sense contribution on Scotland in the EU – this time from a respected former European Court Judge.  Sir David is absolutely right when he says that Scotland”s independent membership of the EU should be negotiated in good faith by all parties involved.

“Meanwhile, Project Fear scaremongering on the EU continues to unravel as the only threat to Scotland”s membership of the EU continues to be a No vote and Westminster’s efforts to drag Scotland out of Europe against our will in 2017.

“With independence, Scotland will take its place at the EU top table as its 29th member and Scotland”s voice will be heard directly.”