Explosion kills five in Lincolnshire


A large explosion in an industrial unit in the Lincolnshire town of Boston has killed five workers and seriously injured one other.  Police and ambulances were called to the scene just after 7pm on Wednesday night after local residents reported that a serious incident had taken place.

A spokeswoman for Lincolnshire police said that the cause of the explosion was yet to be established but that police were making further enquiries and information would be made available as soon as police had completed their preliminary investigation.  

The spokeswoman added that police believed that the men had died instantly.  No further information is currently available about the identity of the deceased.  Officers are currently on the scene and a thorough forensic investigation is being carried out.

The small industrial unit where the accident occurred is a mixture of light industries surrounded by a residential district close to the centre of Boston.

According to unconfirmed reports from local residents the men may have been migrant workers brewing alcohol illegally.