External Affairs Secretary outlines vision for Scotland in Paris


An independent Scotland would be a “significant force for good in the international community”, Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs Fiona Hyslop will tell a leading international think-tank in Paris.

The comment will be part of Ms Hyslop’s opening address to the respected Institut des Relations Internationales et Strategiques, which is hosting a discussion on the topic “What perspectives for an independent Scotland”.

Ms Hyslop is in France at the invitation of the French government to take part in a Ministerial conference on “Future of Culture, Future of Europe”.

Cabinet Secretary for External Affairs Fiona Hyslop said:

“Scotland and France are enduring partners on the world stage – we have built a shared history in tangible and intangible heritage, creativity and expression – and I am delighted to be in Paris to discuss Scotland’s place in the world and the constitutional journey we have embarked on.

“In this year of Homecoming, all of Scotland’s strengths – our people, our history and culture, our immense economic potential – will be on display to the world as we welcome the Ryder Cup and the Commonwealth Games and consider whether to become an independent country.

“Scotland has always been an outward-looking nation, as our historic ties with France demonstrate. Independence for Scotland would involve embracing the interdependence of the modern world. A vote for independence would see Scotland take its rightful place as an independent member of the international community.

“Scotland would be able to choose its own aims, its own partnerships and its own priorities, working alongside like-minded countries to secure our national interests and free to become a significant force for good in the international community.”