‘Falling’ – A short film by by Ryan Hendrick


This new short film FALLING came out of an idea based around various contemporary issues and scandals in the catholic church in recent years.

Looking at the recent lobbying by the catholic church to block the motion in parliament for same sex marriage laws and being headed by then Cardinal and head of the Archdiocese in Scotland Keith O’Brien.

Having then being found out to having a secret same sex relationship for over ten years, I started thinking about the side we don’t see presented in the media or by the church themselves… The personal story.

Taking a completely objective and unbiased look at this situation it occurred to me that the political and personal pressure he must been under to having to appear to be the uber hater for those laws to be passed, but at the same time keeping his own orientation a secret I thought was interesting to look at…

Now as well as that I come from a unique background, my father previously worked for the archdiocese at their former Seminary in Bearsden, Scotus College.

I grew up within the grounds of the Seminary and on a few occasions over the 25 years I lived their some students would either decide to leave having issues with the pledge of celibacy, or were caught having a girlfriend or indeed boyfriend, and would suddenly leave quietly under pressure from on high.

It has always been something that the church have tried to sweep under the carpet, when falling in love and all the various feelings and emotions that come with are a completely natural aspect of the human condition.

So I decided to make a film that would relate that to the general public as whenever these things are scandalised in the press, people tend to discriminate that it is inherently wrong.  When it’s only wrong because that particular sect of the christian faith is out of date in my opinion and those effected are victims due to the fact they decide to devote their lives to serve god in the manor of the particular christian faith they were baptised into, the only one that doesn’t allow it’s priests/ministers to marry.

I felt perhaps since this is the only christian faith left that does not allow marriage and with the Church of Scotland and other christian sects embracing and supporting same sex marriage laws to go through, perhaps this is a universal story that should be told.

Watch the short film FALLING by clicking the link below.