Faslane nuclear submarine risked ‘catastrophic’ accident


Two UK nuclear submarines are reported to have gone to sea with a safety problem that left both at risk of a catastrophic accident….

Two UK nuclear submarines are reported to have gone to sea with a safety problem that left both at risk of a catastrophic accident.

One of the vessels HMS Turbulent was operating for more than two years before the fault was detected, it included spells at the Faslane naval base near Glasgow.

Safety valves designed to release pressure from steam generators were sealed off when HMS  Turbulent and Tireless left port, says a leaked MOD memo.

One expert consultant said:
“It was a very significant failure. These two submarines were unfit for service. It was a perilous situation.

“There would be a risk of fatalities. This was such a glaring and fundamental omission. It’s jaw-dropping.

“The very fact two submarines were allowed to sea with blank plates fitted meant it was an accident waiting to happen.”

The revelation comes as it emerged that in America the estimated cost of the new US submarines has doubled as doubts grow over their future in the US.

Commenting the SNP’s Westminster leader and defence spokesperson Angus Robertson said:
“It highlights the reckless obsession of the London parties with keeping the Trident system.”

Mr Robertson added:
“Today’s news only highlights why the SNP is right to identify Trident as a major item that should be scrapped in order that we can make savings to protect spending on the things that matter like health and education.

“If the UK cannot even maintain the safety of its conventional nuclear submarines – one of which visited Faslane when this problem was outstanding – what confidence can we have in them ensuring the safety of the Trident system?

“And the news from the US that they are having doubts about their Trident replacement because of spiralling costs puts further pressure on the London parties to explain how they aim to make cuts that won’t harm front line services?

“They cannot go ahead with their Trident replacement if the US does not do so. And if the US proceeds with the costs doubling then that begs the question of what further cuts the London parties envisage.

“At this election the SNP is the only party in the serious position to send a strong message that people want spending protected on the things that matter and the real cuts to be made on those things that don’t like weapons of mass destruction.”

The news is a blow to Unionist parties who have campaigned strongly on the need to renew Trident at a cost of £100 billion.